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Social Science, Humanities, Arts, Business (SSHAB) Cluster Librarians

Welcome to the SSHAB Cluster Libguide. 

Each librarian within the CSU Libraries Social Sciences Cluster serves as the primary library contact for a group of departments and also acts as the College Liaison to a specific College within the University. Social Sciences Cluster Librarians provide services for colleges and departments that do not currently have a liaison due to temporary absences or vacant positions.

The Cluster currently provides the following services for departments and colleges without a primary liaison:

Questions and service requests should be directed to the xxxx email address. This email address is being monitored during business hours, Monday-Friday. 

SSHAB Cluster Liaison Librarians:

  • Naomi Lederer
    College Liaison Librarian
    Liaison to English, History, Art, Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts, Journalism, and Design & Merchandising
    Liaison to the College of Liberal Arts
  • Merinda McLure, MLIS, AHIP
    Health and Human Sciences Librarian
    Liaison to the College of Health and Human Sciences and the Colorado School of Public Health at Colorado State University
  • Jimena Sagas
    Multicultural and Social Sciences Librarian
    Liaison to Economics, Foreign Languages & Literatures, and INTO
  • Rob Sica
    Social Sciences Librarian
    Liaison to Education, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, and Psychology


Departments currently shared by the SSHAB Cluster:

  • Anthropology
  • Music, Theater, and Dance
  • Sociology


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For more information about the SSHAB Cluster, please contact Louise Feldmann, (970) 491-4262

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