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Johnson Hall, Room 119D
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Morgan Library, Room 171
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Practicing Academic Integrity

"Credible Scholarship requires academic integrity, a direct result of responsible research and writing habits. As with all ethically driven behavior, such habits—and their foundational underpinnings—are not innate.

They are learned and—through practice—honed to a point where they become second nature, a character trait both much valued and much sought after in the professional world.

Preparing for success in your chosen profession begins with developing and practicing these habits. One follows the other: Academic integrity lays the groundwork for professional integrity."

Visit the The Institute for Learning & Teaching's web site for more information on this important topic:

Academic Integrity Week

Using today's technology and online guides, we will explore ways to make citing your sources as easy as possible. Participants will get hands on practice with exporting citations directly from library databases.