ANTH330 - Human Ecology

Research help for students in ANTH 330.

General Outline of the Assignment

a research project 

pair up and write a paper (and give a presentation) 

how an indigenous group is adapting (the main theme of the class is human adaptations) to climate change

One student will describe the population, where they live, the changing weather, climate variability or climate change. 

The second student will describe adaptive strategies of the people.

Resources for finding scholarly information

Advice for Getting Started

Do some general background searching first.

Decide how you're going to share information with your partner. Email, Google Doc, etc.

Make a list of questions, and/or a chart to keep track of what you find.

Questions to be answered...

What is the name of the indigenous group we'll be working with.

  • Are they known by any other names?
  • Where do they live? relation to others?
  • What is the size of their population and how has it changed over time?
  • What are the major concerns for this population of people? health, food, water, other?
  • Who represents this group? Do they have a leader, an organization, etc.?


You'd be surprised what you may have to use for a search term in a database. By writing down what you find as you go, you'll generate a list of keywords and search terms that will come in handy when trying to track down articles. 

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