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Faculty and GTAs, use this form to request library instruction for your classes.

Work with your librarian

Your librarian is happy to help incorporate information literacy skills and concepts into your class. If you have a research based assignment you may schedule a library instruction session to help your students get started with their research. Other ideas for incorporating information literacy into your class include:

  • Have your students compare and contrast three sources of information about the same topic. Have them look at a web site, a magazine and a scholarly journal article to help them discrimate the type of information that each provides.
  • Have your students "Google" the author of one of your Course Reserve readings to see what they can find out.
  • Have your students paraphrase their course reserve readings and watch for the temptation to simply copy'n'paste without thinking

Library Instruction

Library Instruction for Your Students

If you have a research component to any of your assignments, I may be able to provide some tips that can make the process more productive for your students. I’m happy to provide any of the following forms of support for your research assignments:

When working with your librarian to develop a library session or research guide, take a look at the Information Literacy Standards for Anthropology & Sociology Students to get an idea of the range of topics that can be covered. 

24/7 Library Help

24/7 Library Help

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