Geology Maps - Online Resources

  •  CSU library catalog
    Call numbers for many maps can be found here.  Searches by subject headings are recommended; for example: Geology -- Texas -- Maps.

  • National Geologic Map Database  (USGS)
    A multi-step search process for states and place names in the US.  Includes maps from state geological agencies.  Ask for assistance if you are unable to find the maps then identified in the library catalog.  See also new publicly available NGMDB Map Database, a visual form of the NGMDB catalog.

  • Colorado Geological Survey
    Listings of Colorado geology maps and information.  Ask for assistance if you are unable to find the maps then identified in the library catalog.

  • GeoRef (CSU affiliates only)
    Database useful for identifying geology maps throughout the world.  Ask for assistance if you are unable to find the maps then identified in the library catalog.

  • Association of America State Geologists
    Includes links to state geological surveys and their publications, including maps.

  • Geologic Map in the National Atlas  (USGS)
    An explanation and link to a map.

Packet Map Collection

These USGS geology maps are folded and packaged in manila sleeves (packets) and shelved by number and map number on the map shelves.  Important series and their call numbers:

  • Antarctic Research Program, Geologic Reconnaissance.   I19.25/8  Map
  • Coal Investigation.   I19.85  Map
  • Geophysical Investigation.   I19.87  Map
  • Geologic Quadrangles.   I19.88  Map
  • Hydrologic Investigations.   I19.89.  Map
  • State Hydrologic Unit Maps.   I19.89/2  Map
  • Mineral Resources Investigations.   I19.90  Map
  • Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations.   I19.91  Map
  • Oil and Gas Investigation Charts.   I19.92  Map
  • Oil and Gas Investigations Maps.   I19.93  Map
  • Land Use and Land Cover.   I19.112  Map
  • Miscellaneous Field Studies.   I19.113  Map
  • Other USGS Publication Series

    Note: check the library catalog for specific locations, including microfiche and online.


    • Bulletin.   I19.3  Doc
    • Circular.   I19.4  Doc
    • Monographs.   I19.9  Doc
    • Water Supply Paper.   I19.13  Doc
    • Professional Paper.   I19.16  Doc
    • Water Resources Investigations.   I19.42/4  Doc
    • Water Resources Data.   I19.53/2  Doc
    • Open-File Report.   I19.76  Doc

    Geology Maps - Print Resources

    (Note: print publications are less up-to-date than the online resources above.)

    • Guide to USGS Publications.    Z6034 .U49G943 1998  Ref
      Includes an extensive listing and indexing of maps in USGS series.

    • Guide to USGS Geologic and Hydrologic Maps.   Z6034 .U49 G943 1992 MAP  [on map cabinets]
      An older version of the first guide.

    • Geologic Map Index of Colorado.  I19.86: C71 1977  MAP [on map cabinets]
      A comprehensive listing of maps published up to 1976.  Earlier versions were published in 1954 and approximately 1970.

    • Bibliography and Index of Colorado Geology.  [Shelved on map cabinets]
      Maps are among the items indexed.  Specific volumes and call numbers:
      Colorado Geological Survey Bulletin 37, 1875-1975.   QE91 .A4 no 37  MAP
      Colorado Geological Survey Bulletin 45, 1975-1980.   QE91 .A4 no 45  MAP
      Colorado Geological Survey Information Series 19, 1981-1982.  QE91 .A6a  MAP
      Colorado Geological Survey Information Series 21, 1983.  QE91 .A6a no 21  MAP
      Colorado Geological Survey Information Series 30, 1984-1989.   QE91 .A6A no 30  MAP

    • [states other than Colorado]
      Map indexes for the individual states are shelved alphabetically on the map cabinets.

    Colorado Geology Maps & Atlases

  • Oil and Gas Wells Map of Colorado.  2005
    G4311 .C5 Svar C64a  #44 Map  [map stacks]
  • Ground Water Atlas of Colorado.  2003
    QE91 .A24 #53 Map  [atlas case]
  • Colorado Geologic Highway Map.  1991 and 1985
    G4311 .C5 1991 .C4  Map  [map stacks]
  • Geologic Map of Colorado.  1979
    G4311 .C5 1979 .T9  Map [map cabinets]
  • Geologic Atlas of the Rocky Mountain Region.  1972
    G1462 .C5R6 1972 Map  [atlas case]
  •  Geologic Map of Colorado.  1935
    G4311 .C5 1935 .G46 Map  [rolled map]
  • Geological and Geographical Atlas of Colorado.  1877
    G4311 .C5 1877 .G4 2005 Map [6 maps in map cabinets]
  • US and North American Geology Maps & Atlases

    • Geologic Map of North America.  2005
      G3301 .C5 2005 .R44  Map  [3 maps in map cabinets]
    • Tapestry of Time and Terrain   (USGS)  2002
    • Tectonic Map of North America.   1996
      G3301 .C55 1996 .M8  Map [4 maps in map cabinets]
    • Geologic Map of the United States.  1974
      I19.79: G29/US/974  Map  [2 maps in map cabinets]
    • National Atlas of the United States Of America.  1970
      I19.2: N21a Map  [atlas case]
    • National Atlases  (Library of Congress)
      Includes online maps from the 1970 National Atlas listed above.
    • Tectonic Map of North America.  1969
      G3301 .C55 1969 .K5  Map  [map cabinets]
    • Geologic Map of North America.  1965
      G3301 .C5 1965 .N6  Map  [map cabinets]

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