Map Resources: Aerial & Satellite Photos

Aerial & Satellite Photos Online

Aerial & Satellite Photographs Online: 

  • Google Earth
    Free download version allows for worldwide search and zoom, often down to individual buildings.
  • Google Maps
    Zoom in to US locales for maps, satellite images, or hybrids of both.
  • MapQuest 
    Enter a US address, then select "aerial image" from the resulting map.
  • TerraServer-USA
    Images worldwide, usually with multiple choices; US coverage more detailed.  Usual resolution is 8 or 15 m.
  • California Geographical Survey
    Includes panoramic aerial images and maps of Colorado and other Western states.
  • Aerial Photographs of Colorado  (University of Colorado)
    US Forest Service photos of the northern mountains, 1938-1947.
  • Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CSU)
    Real-time mapping of current weather in northern Colorado.
  • Aster  (NASA)
    Selected satellite images of natural and human disasters.
  • Earth As Art  (NASA)
    Selected satellite images that replicate colorful abstract art.
  • Earth from Space  (NASA)
    Especially useful for cities and geographical regions worldwide.
  • World Wind  (NASA)
    Software downloadable from this site allows creation of three-dimensional images worldwide.
  • EarthExplorer  (USGS)
    EarthExplorer provides online search, browse display, metadata export, and data download for earth science data from the archives of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
  • Websites for cities, counties, states, and countries may also yield aerial/satellite photographs.
  • National Collection of Aerial Photography (UK)
    Imagery from 1940's and 50's from Scotland and Europe.

Images Available for Purchase from Federal Agencies

Aerial & Satellite Images Purchasable from Federal Agencies: 

Aerial & Satellite Photos

Aerial and Satellite Photos

 Print Resources:

  • Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland.   G1502 .F7 L35 1989 Map
    Landis aerial photographs from 1989.
  • Denver.  G1504 .D4 L35  Map
    Landis aerial photographs from 1989.
  • Fort Collins, Loveland.   G1504 .F7 L35 1991 Map
    Landiscor aerial photographs from 1991.
  • [Denver aerial photos]  G1504 .D4 L35 1992  Map

Compact Discs: 

  • City of Fort Collins.  G4314 .F67 2000Z .F652  Elec Media
    GIS orthophotography TIFF images from 2000.
  • City of Fort Collins Aerial Photos.  G4314 .F67 1999 .F65  Elec Media
     Photos taken approximately 1999.
  • Aerial Photography, Larimer County.  G4313 .L4 2001 .S86  Elec Media
    Color photos taken in summer 2000.
  • Larimer County Colorado.  G4313 .L4A3 2001  Reserve
    Black-and-white aerial photography from 1999.
    [see also CSU library webpage for GIS Data]


  • GeoMart 
    This commercial site offers both sales and an explanation of aerial photography concepts and products.


Additional Resources

Additional Resources: 

  • University of Colorado Boulder Map Library
    Further links to aerial and satellite photo resources.
  • Colorado School of Mines Map Library
    Another set of links to aerial and satellite photo resources.