Map Resources: Map Collection Arrangement

Map Cabinets - WEST

All the maps in these cabinets have Superintendent of Documents call numbers.  Many are not found on Sage. 

Major sequences include:

  • A57.69:  USDA "Important Farmlands" maps.
  • C3.62:  Census Bureau maps, including Larimer County (C3.62/9).
  • C55.418/7:  NOAA US nautical charts (coastlines).
  • D5.326--D5.355:  Defense Mapping Agency, 1:000,000; various world areas.
  • D5.356:  Defense Mapping Agency world coastal charts.
  • I19.76--I19.91:  US Geological Survey thematic maps.
  • I19.98:  USGS topographic maps, 1:250,000.
  • I19.102:  USGS state maps, various scales.
  • I19.106:  USGS National Park maps, various scales.
  • I19.108:  USGS county maps, 1:50,000.  Incomplete other than Colorado.
  • I19.110:  USGS topographic maps, 1: 100,000.
  • I19.111:  National Atlas thematic maps.
  • I53.11:  Bureau of Land Management thematic maps.
  • I53.11/4:  Bureau of Land Management Surface Management maps.
  • I53.11/4-2:  Bureau of Land Management Surface Mineral Management maps.
  • I53.11/4-3--I53.11/6:  BLM thematic maps, including Colorado.
  • PrEx3.10/4:  Central Intelligence Agency maps.

Map Shelves - LC

MAP SHELVES ARRANGEMENT: Library of Congress classification:
These atlases and maps can be identified through Sage

Major sequences include:

  • G1000--G1021:  world atlases.
  • G1030--G1160:  historical atlases.
  • G1200--G1534:  US and state thematic atlases.
  • G1540--G2751:  world and country thematic atlases.
  • G3301: geology maps.
  • G3400--G3612: maps of Canada.
  • G3690--G4383: US and state maps.
  • G4390--G5184: maps of the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, West Indies.
  • G5200--G5668: maps of South America and South American countries.
  • G5700--G6966: maps of Europe and European countries.
  • G7400--G8198: maps of Asia and Asiatic countries.
  • G8200--G8904: maps of Africa and African countries.
  • G8950--G9084: Australasian maps.

Arrangement of CSU Libraries Map Collection

Map Cabinets - EAST

MAP CABINETS ARRANGEMENT: East (major sequences left to right):

Library of Congress call numbers.  These maps can be found on Sage

Major sequences include:

  • G3400: Canada topographic maps, 1:250,000.
  • G4051: Colorado raised relief maps, 1:250,000.
  • G4051--G4311: US and Canada geology maps, various scales.
  • G4311: Colorado thematic maps, various scales.
  • G4410--G4419: Mexico topographic maps, 1:250,000.

Superintendent of Documents I19.81:  Includes 7.5 minute quadrangle maps, 1: 24,000, arranged alphabetically by state and alphabetically by name of map within each state. 

Superintendent of Documents A13.28: National Forest topographic maps, various scales.

Map Shelves - SUDOC

MAP SHELVES ARRANGEMENT: Superintendent of Documents classification:

Most of these folded maps are not found in Sage. 

Major sequences include:

  • A13:  Forest Service maps.
  • C3--C55:  Commerce Department and Census Bureau maps.
  • D5:354:  Department of Defense Tactical Pilotage Charts; 1:500,000.
  • D103.66:  US river navigation charts.
  • FEM:  FEMA flood maps; Colorado and nearby states.
  • I19.25--I19.113:  USGS "packet" maps.  Identified through the USGS Publications Warehouse or the Guide to USGS Publications (Z6084 .U49G493 Ref Desk).
    Call numbers for the various packet map series are found on the CSU library USGS page.
  • I27-I72:  National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management maps.
  • PrEx3:  Central Intelligence Agency maps.
  • TD:  US aeronautical charts.
  • W:  War Department maps, World War II.