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EZProxy - your ticket to resources from off campus: - off-campus access without ezproxy for off-campus access

If for some reason you can't get a resource to accept your eID and ePassword from off-campus, you can create a tunnel to a campus IP using that will treat you as if you are on campus, thus bypassing the need for logging in to use a library resource.

A. To use the secure VPN in one window for a single session

1.  Login to  

2.  Once you have logged in with eID and password to the CSU eID Realm, you will be seen as having a campus IP IN THAT BROWSER TAB ONLY!  So as long as you access the library website - http://lib, - from that tab, library resources will treat you like you are on campus. 


B. To get a full tunnel to a campus IP so that any network traffic from any browser will go through a campus IP, you have to press “Start” next to “Network Connect”.

You will have to enable or download the Java Plugin if you are asked. Once that is done, you will have a full tunnel from any browser tab.  So then any resource you use that involves authentication by IP will think you are on campus.

Once you have used the Network Connect once, it will pin a “Juniper” folder to your programs menu and you can open Network Connect from there without going to, but if you do you may miss any updates or new versions of Network Connect that may involve updated security issues.


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