An introduction to the CSU eBook collection

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An introduction to eBooks

What is so great about an eBook?  
Depends on what you want to do with it! The electronic nature of an eBook makes it versatile for cover-to-cover reading as well as for research within the contents of a collection of eBooks.
  • Do you want to "borrow" the ebook?   While you can preview and use an eBook for a brief period online, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to your personal computer to checkout/download most Morgan Library eBooks to use offline on your computer or to transfer to an eReader.  The Adobe Digital Editions tab at the top of this guide has detailed instructions for downloading ADE and using it to download and transfer eBooks. It functions as a go-between to move downloaded eBooks from your computer to your device via a USB connection.  Adobe Digital Editions will sync to your eReader device when you plug it into a USB port.  At this time, eBooks from EBL, Ebrary, and EBSCO can't be downloaded/checked out from Morgan Library public computers since the download must stay with the copy of Adobe Digital Editions it is downloaded to and is only transferrable to the devices synced to that copy's authorized Adobe ID. You can use the short-term preview on Morgan Library workstations for browsing a title and cut/pasting/printing a limited amount of content.
You can find eBooks in our catalog just like you would find print books and they may show up in the results of a general search. The record will contain a note alerting you to their electronic format - you can limit seaches to only look for eBooks. Note that a search in the catalog only looks for your words in the catalog record (author, title, etc), not in the text of the book. You can download the book, transfer it to your reader or device and take it with you! (A free download of Adobe Digital Editions will be required).  Most eBooks have a “checkout period” wherein the file has a built-in “kill switch” that disables the content when the checkout period expires. For more information, see Finding an eBook in the catalog in the tabs at the top of this guide.
With print books you can only find a book by title, author, subject, etc., pull it from the shelf, and then hope it addresses your question, but with ebooks you can look for given words or phrases within the book collection's full-text content from a given eBook provider. Further, some vendors allow you to copy and paste content from the preview, the download, or both!  This is not intended to encourage plaigiarism, but as a replacement for photocopying pages from physical books.
To search the full-text of our four main eBook collections (EBL, EBSCO eBooksEbrary, and Springer eBooks) you will need to do four separate searches, one in each eBook platform - remember, eBook searches in the regular library catalog only search the catalog record (author, title, etc.) - not the entire text of the book.  For more detailed information see the dropdown menu under Searching the full text content of ebook collections in the tabs at the top of the page. Full-text searching has to be done separately in each vendor's collection.  We have 4 major eBook providers in addition to dozens of smaller ones that are more narrow in their topical focus. 
  • Small topical collections and stand alone titles
We also have some eBooks that are standalone titles, that is, not part of any vendor package and they will be cataloged like regular books.  These are purchased on an individual basis and often have replaced a former print-only copy.   A complete list of our eBook providers can be found here. Some of these collections may allow full-text searching and other capabilities.

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