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About the ebook search box

How does this search work?
The CSU Library’s Primo search can search the library’s ebook collection, including government documents.

What’s available?
The CSU Libraries’ collects materials to support CSU’s teaching and research mission, so most of our ebooks are academic in nature. We provide access to over 150,000 ebooks, and the collection is actively growing.
If you are looking for popular fiction or audio books, visit your public library’s website for more information.  Fort Collins residents, including students, may use the Poudre River Public Library District’s ebook collections.

How do I download an ebook?
We purchase ebooks from a variety of vendors and publishers, so the ebooks in our collections have a variety of interfaces and borrowing rules.  More information about the CSU Libraries’ ebook collections and the different interfaces can be found on the CSU Libraries' ebook Libguide.

Will this tool always be available? 
This search tool is part of an experiment to see if there is a demand for ebook searching in the CSU community.  The project will conclude in June 2013, but patrons will still be able to create their own ebook search by limiting searches to ebooks when using Primo.