High School Visit Policy: Library Policy for High School Students

High School Visitation Policy

Hello and welcome to the Colorado State University Libraries.

CSU's Morgan Library is happy to host high school groups as space and scheduling permits. While on campus, high school students can use the many research resources that Morgan Library provides to CSU students. Please see the CSU Libraries' High School Visitation Policy (listed below) for complete details about arranging a visit for your students.

If you would like to schedule a visit for your students or learn more about the resources that the CSU Libraries offers, please contact the Science Cluster librarians at library_sciencecluster@mail.colostate.edu.

Remember: Remote access to the Libraries' electronic resources from offsite is limited to CSU faculty, staff, and students. Non-affiliated users are welcome to use these resources in CSU’s Morgan Library. Please note that computer use for community borrowers is restricted to two hours per day and users must have a CSU community borrower's card.

Visiting School Groups Policy

The primary function of Colorado State University Libraries is to support and provide instruction to the University students, faculty and staff. The Library also provides instructional outreach to public and private elementary and secondary schools in the northern Colorado area in line within the following guidelines.  Check with us to see if your desired dates are available - contact information is above.

  1. University requests take priority over community requests. Consider requesting instruction sessions during November, December, early January, April and May and during the University’s academic breaks. See the University Academic Calendar for dates when the University is not in academic session.  CSU Libraries’ are not able to accommodate community instruction requests in the first half of the academic term. No sessions will be scheduled during finals week or the preceding week.
  2. Arrangements must be made at least two weeks prior to the visit. The visit will be finalized when the completed request form has been received.  Only assignment –related classes will be scheduled.
  3. A minimum of two adults must be in attendance with each student group. For groups larger than 30 students, the ratio of students to teachers/parents must be 15 to 1.   Adults who accompany groups are required to remain with their students.
  4. Instructors are responsible for the conduct of their students. If student behaviors are disruptive, the group may be asked to leave the library. 
  5. If students will need to check out materials from Morgan Library, community borrower applications must be submitted one week prior to the visit.  Minors (under-18 years old), who are in the 6th grade or above, may apply for a card with parental/guardian co-signature. Students wishing to use electronic library resources after the scheduled visit must have a CSU library card.  The card will give them access to computer use for two hours a day. 
  6. Contact the Loan and Reserve Desk at (970) 491-1842 for CSU library card applications. 

To the students:

Your CSU library card is for you and only you. Do not lend your card to anyone else -   you are responsible for whatever books are checked out to your card.  Your card is good for one year and must be renewed in person upon expiration.

Parking on campus is extremely limited. For campus parking information, contact Parking Services at 970-491-7041 or http://parking.colostate.edu/.