Printing at Morgan Library: Home

Printing Basics

The method for printing from Morgan Library computers involves moving money from your RamCash account (which is tied to your RamCard ID card or library card) to your Papercut Printing account.  We do not directly accept cash for printing - you can use cash by adding it to your RamCash account at the RamCash machine in the library or in the RamCash Office. 

While we welcome community users, our printing system was designed with the needs of our students and faculty in mind, given the necessity of handling large print volumes and we apologize that printing for community patrons is a bit more complicated.

The basic process for printing involves the following steps (specific instructions by users can be found in the tabs above):

1.  Establish a RamCash account (if you haven't already). Students, faculty, and staff can always do this online, Community users who wish to print must go to the RamCash office (M-F business hours only) if they haven't yet received their library card.

2.  Put money in your RamCash account either online, at the RamCash machine across from the help desk, or in the RamCard office.

3.  Login to your Papercut printing account to move money from your RamCash Account to your Papercut printing account

4.  Release your print job by logging into the print station and the money will be deducted from your Papercut account.  Be sure to use the printer you specified when you printed (black and white OR color)

Detailed instructions for each user type can be found in the tabs at the top of the page.