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A guide for research and scholarship metrics including traditional metrics (Web of Science, H-index) and altmetrics (new alternative metrics).

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Over the last decade, scholars have begun a great migration into online spaces, moving workflows, and discussions to online platforms like Mendeley, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and more. In these new spaces, once-invisible interactions like reading, saving, discussing, and recommending become visible. They leave traces. Observing these traces can inform new metrics of scholarly influence and impact—so-called altmetrics.

Lapinski, S., Piwowar, H., & Priem, J. (2013). Riding the crest of the altmetrics wave. College & Research Libraries News74(6), 292-300.


Article level metrics

Journal Level Metrics

 How alternative metrics should be used (from

  • highlighted as indications of the minimum impact a research product has made on the community
  • explored more deeply to see who is citing, bookmarking, and otherwise using your work
  • run to collect usage information for mention in biosketches
  • included as a link in CVs
  • analyzed by downloading detailed metric information

How alternative metrics should not be used (from

  • as indication of comprehensive impact
  • for serious comparison
  •  as if we knew exactly what it all means
  • as a substitute for personal judgment of quality


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