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This page lists resources of interest to Asian Studies. As defined in the Preface to the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (listed below), Asia is the area that includes the subregions of East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and the West-Southwest Asia. Geographically this has Japan in the East, Turkey in the West; Kazakhstan in the North to Indonesia in the South. Nation age ranges from several thousand years old to nation states that are brand new.

Bibliographies Chronologies Philosophy & Religion
Encyclopedias Art, Literature, & Music Web Sites
Cultural & Other Information    


Bibliographies can provide valuable articles relevant to research topics.


The books listed in the sections below are available in Morgan Library Reference.

Cultural & Other Information By Country or Culture

Here are some resources to learn about cultures by culture or region.


Chronologies are documents that display an arrangement of events in order of their occurrence.

Art, Literature, & Music

Here are some useful sources about the arts.

Philosophy & Religion

These are some resources about philosophy & religion for the genre.

Web Sites

These Web sites have varying amounts of information concerning Asian Studies. Some have links out to other Web sites. As in all research, be sure to carefully evaluate what you find.


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