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Russian & Soviet Union History 18th Century-Present Introduction

This page lists resources related to Russia and Soviet Union history, specifically nation and empire aspects. The time frame for this page is early eighteenth century onwards.

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Reference Books

Reference materials can be an extremely useful resource when conducting research. Depending upon your specific topic, you might consult one at the beginning, middle, or near the end of your research.

  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Russia and the Former Soviet Union. DK14 .C35 1994 Reference
  • Cultural Atlas of Russia and the Former Soviet Union. DK32 .M62 1998 Reference
  • Dictionary of Wars. D 25 .A2 K63 1999 Reference
  • Eastern Europe: An Introduction to the People, Lands, and Culture. 3 vols. DJK 9 .E25 2005 Reference
  • Encyclopedia of Eastern Europe. DJK 6 .E53 2000 Reference
  • Encyclopedia of Russian History. 4 vols. DK14 .E53 2004 Reference and ERHonline to CSU affiliates
  • Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture. DJK 28 .R87 E53 2002 Reference
  • Encyclopedia of World History. D 21 .E577 2000 Reference
  • Encyclopedia of World History. D 21 .E578 2001 Reference
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library. GVRLonline; CSU affiliates only
  • Great Soviet Encyclopedia. AE 5 B58 Reference (Translation into English of Russian-language encyclopedia. Published during Soviet era [1973-1982].)
  • Ground Warfare An International Encyclopedia. 3 vols. D 25 .A2 G76 2002 Reference
  • Historical Dictionary of Russia. DK36 .R39 1998 Reference
  • Invasions and Conquests from Ancient Times to the Present. D 25 .A2 D38 1996 Reference
  • Magill's Guide to Military History. 5 vols. D 25 .A2 M34 1001 Reference
  • The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History. DK14 .M6 Reference
  • The Oxford Companion to Military History. D 25 .A2 O94 2001 Reference

Circulating Research Materials of Interest

  • Dictionary of Russian Historical Terms from the Eleventh Century to 1917. DK36 .P78 1970 Morgan
  • Handbook of Major Soviet Nationalities. DK33 .H35 1975 Storage (on Reserve Fall 2009)
  • Of the Making of Nationalities There is No End. 2 vols. DJK28.R87 M34 1999 Storage temp
  • Russia: A Reference Guide from the Renaissance to the Present. DK36 .B59 2004 Morgan
  • The Soviet Multinational State: Readings and Documents. DK33 .S668 1990 Storage (on Reserve Fall 2009)


Books are a key resource for information about Russia and the Soviet Union from the early eighteenth century to the present. The subject headings listed in this section can be used to find books related to this topic in any library catalog which uses Library of Congress Subject Headings, including CSU's Library Catalog (it is not an exhaustive list). Do a subject search using the terms below to identify books in Sage/Discovery and Prospector (the Colorado Regional Catalog). Books may be requested from Prospector by CSU affiliates.

  • Baltic Sea Region History
  • Catherine Ii Empress of Russia 1729 1796
  • Ethnology Russia (Federation)
  • Ethnology Soviet Union
  • Jews Russia History
  • Nationalism Ukraine HistoryPeasants Russia History 19th century
  • Russia Ethnic Relations
  • Russia Federation
  • Russia Federation Ethnic Relations
  • Russia Federation History
  • Russia Federation History 1991
  • Russia Federation Nationalism
  • Russia Federation Politics and Government 1991
  • Russia Federation Religion
  • Russia Federation Social Conditions 1991
  • Russia History
  • Russia History 1801-1917
  • Russia History 1689-1801
  • Russia History 1904-1914
  • Russia History Alexander I, 1801-1825
  • Russia History Alexander II, 1855-1881
  • Russia History Alexander III, 1881-1894
  • Russia History Catherine II, 1762-1796
  • Russia Politics and Government 1689-1801
  • Russia Politics and Government 1801-1917
  • Russia Social Conditions To 1801
  • Russia Social Conditions 1801-1917
  • Siberia (Russia) History
  • Social Change Russia (Federation)
  • Soviet Union Ethnic Relations
  • Soviet Union History 1917 1936
  • Soviet Union History 1925 1953
  • Soviet Union History 1939 1945
  • Soviet Union History 1953 1985
  • Soviet Union History 1985 1991
  • Soviet Union History
  • Soviet Union History Autonomy and Independence Movements
  • Soviet Union Nationalism
  • Soviet Union Politics and Government
  • Soviet Union Religion
  • Soviet Union Social Conditions
  • Ukraine History

Indexes (identify journal articles)

Use indexes to identify articles of interest. Be sure to make use of their bibliographies, works cited, and references for additional resources that will help with research on any topic.

Indexes, Print

  • Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature. AI 3 .R48 Reference 1900-
  • Humanities Index. AI 3 .I495 Reference 1974-1998
  • International Index to Periodicals. AI 3 .I49 Reference 1920/1923-1952/1955
  • International Index. AI 3 .I49 Reference 1955/1958-1964/1965
  • International Political Science Abstracts. JA 36 .I5 Reference 1951-2006
  • London Times Index (various titles: Palmer's, etc.) AI 21 T51 & AI21 .T46 Print Newspaper Index & others nearby 1785- ; the newspaper itself is on microfilm, call number AN .T5 (current issues in print in newspaper area); 2000- is available.
  • Nineteenth Century Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature, 1890-1899; with supplementary indexing, 1900-1922. AI3 .R496 Reference
  • Poole's Index to Periodical Literature. AI3 .P6 Reference 1802-1901
  • Social Sciences Index. AI 3 .I496 Reference 1974/75-1998/99

Indexes/Databases, Electronic

These indexes may also be accessed by CSU affiliates via the "A-Z Database List" pages. See Truncation and Proximity Operators for advanced searching methods for these and other databases.


Full text articles at least 3-5 years old (varies by journal).  Full text or linked to full text for more recent articles (most of them). Contemporary vocabulary is vital for success.

Nineteenth Century Masterfile.

A resource for historical research prior to 1925 and brings together over 60 subject indexes to: periodicals, newspapers, books, US Congressional Record, US and UK Government Documents &US Patents.

Project Muse.  Full text articles (view in PDF).

Historical Abstracts. 1954- .  Covers events of 1450 to the present.

See also:

  • WorldCat. Identifies books, archival materials, etc., but not articles. (Subject terms should match those listed under Books. The library catalog, Prospector, and Interlibrary Loan requests can be made directly from WorldCat via the  button)
  • New York Times 1851- . (Contemporary vocabulary is vital for success.)
  • Web of Science. (Arts & Humanities Citation Index)


  • Ab Imperio: Teoriia I Istoriia Natsionalnostei I Natsionalizma V Postsovetskom Prostranstve=Ab Imperio: Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in Post-Soviet Space. DK1 .A25 Not owned by CSU. See ALContents on journal Web site. Request desired articles from Interlibrary Loan
  • American Slavic and East European Review. D377.A1 A5ej ASEERonline 1945-1961 to CSU affiliates. (Continued by Slavic Review.)
  • Canadian-American Slavic Studies. Revue canadienne-américaine d'études slaves. D 377 A1C34 1987- Current Journals & Movable Shelves; 1967-1979
  • Canadian Slavonic Papers. PG 6 C3 1965-1966,1968-1982,1986-1987,1989-1997 Movable Shelves
  • East Central Europe. L'Europe du centre-est. DR2 .E16 1977-1979,1983-2004 Movable Shelves, 1974-1976 Microfilm
  • East European Quarterly. DR1 .E4 1967/1968-1970/1971,1972/1973-1974/1975,1981/1982-1994/1995,1996/1997-2008/2009 Current Journals & Movable Shelves. EEQonline 1996-2008 to CSU affiliates.
  • Harvard Ukrainian Studies. DK508.A2 H33ej; HUSonline to CSU affiliates 1970s-2004
  • Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas. D1 .J3 1983-2004 Movable Shelves
  • Journal of Ukrainian Studies. ZHurnal ukraïnoznavchykh studii. DK508.A2 J67 1976-1979 Storage
  • Kritika (Bloomington, Ind.). DK1 .K75ej Konline to CSU affiliates 2000-
  • Nationalities Papers. DR24 .N37 & DR24 .N37ej 1976-1977,1980-2001 Storage and NPonline 1999- (most recent 18 months not available) to CSU affiliates
  • Russian History. Histoire russe. DK1 .R74 1977-1992,1994- Journal Room & Movable Shelves; 1974-1976 Microfilm
  • The Russian Review. DK1 .R82 1941/1942-1942/1943,1946-1948,1951-1952,1955-1963,1968-1971,1976-1978,1980-1985,1987-1998 Movable Shelves & Storage. RRonline 1941- to CSU affiliates.
  • The Slavonic and East European Review. D377.A1 S65 1943-1976,1978-1981,1985-1994,1996-2006 Journal Room (current) & Movable Shelves. SEERonline 1928- (most recent 5 years not available) to CSU affiliates.
  • Slavic Review. D377.A1 A5 1961-1996 Journal Room (current) & Storage. SRonline 1961- (most recent 3 years not available) to CSU affiliates. (Continues American Slavic and East European Review.)


Directory. REESWeb: The World Wide Web Virtual Library for Russian and Eastern European Studies. 

"REESWeb is the Virtual Library covering Russia and Eastern Europe. . . . All web sites listed in REESWeb are vetted by the editors, categorized for easy searching, and annotated to provide users with a good idea of what they will find upon visiting a site." Directory page has links to topics. Politics & Government and Social Sciences areas are of most interest to this topic. Extensive.

History of Russia: Primary Documents. Euro Docs. 

Links to maps, manuscripts, and more. Some of these primary source documents are in Russian.

Revelations from the Russian Archives. Library of Congress.  Soviet time period documents collected for an exhibit. Documents (letters, memorandums, etc.) are introduced, scanned (image shown), and translated into English.

Russia & the Former USSR. Tracey O. Teacher Oz. 

Links to multiple sites--not all links work, but extensive. Arranged by: General & Comprehensive Sites; Timeline of Russian History; Russian Symbols, Maps, Images; Russian Art & Music; Russian Literature; The Ballet; Palaces, Fortresses, & Churches; Russian Military & War; The Jews in Russia; Royalty & the Tsars; The Romanovs; The Revolution; Communism; The Stalin Terror; Soviet Propaganda Posters; Cold War; After the Revolution to 1991 & the Fall of the U.S.S.R.; Russia Today-the Russian Federation--Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS); Back in the USSR . . . Not; and Various Misc. Topics.

Russia and the Former Soviet Republics Maps. Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. The University of Texas at Austin. 

Online maps, with date and size (K or MB) indicated. Some of the links go to new pages with links to maps from that area or region. For example, Ukraine Maps.

Russian History Index. The World Wide Web Virtual Library. 

Links to a wide variety of sources on the Web: journals, publishers, archives, libraries, sources, and much more. For example, Imperial Russia (XVIII-XIX centuries).

Russian Revolution. Internet Modern History Sourcebook. Paul Halsall. Fordham University. 

Primary source material can be found here (text modifications, if any, are noted). The Russian Revolution page covers the Tsarist State, the Russian Revolution, Bolshevik Rule to 1924, and Stalinism. See also entries on the Internet Modern History Sourcebook site such as John Hobson: Imperialism, 1902. Russian imperialism not specifically mentioned on Imperialism page, but concepts and definitions should have some relevance as will concepts on the Nationalism page.

Seventeen Moments in Soviet History. MATRIX, the Center for Humane Arts, Letters and Social Sciences Online. 

"Seventeen Moments in Soviet History contains a rich archive of texts, images, maps and audio and video materials from the Soviet era (1917-1991). The materials are arranged by year and by subject, are fully searchable, and are translated into English." Links out to certain materials. The seventeen moments are from 1917, 1921, 1924, 1929, 1934, 1936, 1939, 1943, 1947, 1954, 1956, 1961,1968,1973,1980,1985, and 1991. Listen to contemporary songs from each moment.

The Virtual Jewish History Tour: Russia. Avi Hein. Jewish Virtual Library. 

Topics covered include: Religious Developments; Under Nicholas I; Alexander II; Haskalah in Russia; After Alexander; Politicization of the Jews - Socialism and Zionism; Cultural Reactions; World War I; February Revolution; Under Soviet Control; 1980 and Beyond; and Recent Developments (Post Soviet Russia). See also Russia and the Former Soviet Union.

Online Books

The Open Library as of mid-September 2009 has 289 full text books with "Russia" and 14 books with "Soviet Union" available in full text online. (Not all titles are available online--check Sage/Discovery and Prospector for local holdings.) Listed here are just two of the titles. From the full record page for a book, on the right-hand side, click on View to read the book page by page; Details for bibliographic information and additional viewing options formats; and Download for PDF version.

Articles (most available online)

As in all research, be sure to evaluate what you find, be it an article, book, or Web page.

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