Travelers & International Studies Introduction

This page lists resources related to travelers. Travelers for the purposes of this page fall into five categories:

  • Nomads
  • Explorers
  • Imperialists
  • Adventurers
  • Immigrants

The International Studies portion is found throughout and includes international organizations, and materials relating to globalization and trade.

Reference Books Indexes (identify journal articles) Journals
Books International Affairs Journals Web Sites 
    International Information & Organizations


Reference Books

See also the Reference listings on the Web pages listed above for reference book recommendations.

  • Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States. 1932. Animated. Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond (Charles O. Paullin and John K. Wright)
  • Basic Documents on Human Rights. K3238 .A1 B76 2002 Reference
  • A Concise Encyclopedia of the United Nations. Online CEUN to CSU affiliates
  • Craighead's International Business, Travel, and Relocation Guide to . . . Countries. HF 5549.5 .E45D57 Reference
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography [includes travel writers]. PS221 .D5 Morgan and Online to CSU affiliates as part of the Literature Criticism Online
  • Dictionary of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality. G155.A1 M397 2003 Reference
  • Encyclopedia of Exploration to 1800: A Comprehensive Reference Guide to the History and Literature of Exploration, Travel, and Colonization from the Earliest Times to the Year 1800. G80 .H68 2003 Reference
  • Encyclopedia of Invasions and Conquests from Ancient Times to the Present. D25 .A2 D38 2006 Reference
  • Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism Since 1450. Online EWCS to CSU affiliates
  • The Encyclopedia of Women's Travel and Exploration. G465 .N47 2001 Reference
  • Encyclopedia of World Cultures. GN307 .E532 2002 Reference South
  • Encyclopedia of World Cultures. Online EWC to CSU affiliates
  • Gale Encyclopedia of World History: Governments. Online GEWH to CSU affiliates.
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library. Online GVRL to CSU affiliates
  • Government, Politics, and Protest: Essential Primary Sources. Online GPPEPS to CSU affiliates.
  • International Government Information and Country Information: A Subject Guide. ZA5050 .M67 2004 Reference
  • The International Studies Encyclopedia. Online ISE to CSU affiliates.
  • Invasions and Conquests from Ancient Times to the Present. D 25 .A2 D38 1996 Reference
  • Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia. 3 vols. G465 .L565 2003 Reference
  • The Longman Handbook of Modern European History. D299 .C627 1998 Reference
  • Travel Legend and Lore: An Encyclopedia. G151 .F75 1998 Reference
  • Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations. 2007 ed. Online WEMN to CSU affiliates.
  • Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cultures and Daily Life. 4 vols. GN333 .W67 1998 Reference

Bibliographies in Print & Online

Circulating Research Materials of Interest

Be sure to look through any bibliographies in the non-bibliography titles for additional materials.

  • Aid for Trade: Global and Regional Perspectives: 2007 World Report on Regions Integration. Ebook ATGRP, CSU affiliates only
  • American Travel Narratives as a Literary Genre from 1542 to 1832: The Art of a Perpetual Journey. PS366.T73 B76 1993 Morgan
  • American Travellers Abroad: A Bibliography of Accounts Published before 1900. Z6011 .S5 1999 Movable Shelves (earlier edition 1969, Z1009 .I4 no.1-8 Storage)
  • Argentina as Seen by British Travelers: 1810-1860. F2816 .T75 1976 Morgan
  • Concise Encyclopedia of Explorations. G200 .R5313 Morgan
  • Current Issues in Economic Integration: Can Asia Inspire the "West"? Ebook CIEI, CSU affiliates only
  • Global Financial Integration Thirty Years On: From Reform to Crisis. Ebook GFITYO, CSU affiliates only
  • Nomadic Societies in the Middle East and North Africa. GN387 .N597 2006 Morgan
  • A Reference Guide to the Literature of Travel, including Voyages, Geographical Descriptions, Adventures, Shipwrecks and Expeditions. 3 vols. Z6011 .C87 Storage
  • The Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up among Worlds. HQ784 .S56 P65 2001 Morgan

Online Books

Search within these large databases to find topics of interest to travelers (nomads, explorers, imperialists, adventurers, immigrants, travelers, voyagers).

Note: Google Books is not listed above because many of the titles are not complete (rightly so, due to copyright restrictions). By all means search it, but the full text for a book will not necessarily be available. The HathiTrust has digitized books (a number about travelers), but only approximately 38% of all titles are available for free online as of late September 2019. Check library record holdings for other titles.

Online Images

Find other links to images under Summaries, Artifacts, & Documents (Primary Sources) on the United States of America (History) Web page.

Online Newspapers (current) and Newspaper Articles in Library Databases

  • Chinese Times [newspaper, Vancouver]. 1914 to 1992. Multicultural Canada.
  • Newspaperindex. Online newspapers in all world-wide countries. Commercial site--advertisements.
  • Newspaper Source Plus (CSU affiliates only). 1985- . US and select international newspapers. Radio, television scripts.


Books are a key resource for information about travelers. The subject headings listed in this section can be used to find books related to this topic in any library catalog which uses Library of Congress Subject Headings, including CSU's library catalog (it is not an exhaustive list). Do a subject search using the terms below to identify books in the catalog and Prospector (the Colorado Regional Catalog). Books may be requested from Prospector by CSU affiliates. Be sure to look at subdivisions for the terms below--not every possibility is listed here. For example, Travelers has a subdivision of Travelers Arab Countries, not listed below. The Emigration and Immigration has multiple subdivisions listed here, but it is still not comprehensive! Emigration and Immigration is the term for both entering and leaving a country. Remove the bullet or the search will not work.

  • Adventure and Adventurers
  • Adventure and Adventurers Great Britain Biography
  • Adventure and Adventurers United States Biography
  • Adventure and Adventurers West U S Biography
  • Anti Globalization Movement
  • Colonies [multiple subdivisions]
  • Colonization [multiple subdivisions]
  • [Country]
  • [Country] Description and Travel
  • Culture and Globalization
  • Decolonization
  • Dependency
  • Description and Travel [Country]
  • Emigration And Immigration
  • Emigration And Immigration Africa; America History; Arab Countries; Argentina; Asia; Australia; Australia History; Canada; Canada History; Caribbean Area; China; China History; Congresses; Developing Countries; Economic Aspects; England; Europe; Europe Government Policy; European Union Countries; Former Soviet Republics; France; Germany; Government Policy; Great Britain; Great Britain History Sources; History; India; Ireland; Ireland History; Israel; Italy; Jamaica; Japan; Law [many specific countries]; Law United States; Lebanon History; London England; Mexico; Mexico History; Netherlands; Palestine; Philippines; Poland History 20th Century; Psychological Aspects; Puerto Rico; Research; Russia Federation; Scotland; Scotland History; Social Aspects; South Asia; Soviet Union; Spain; Uganda; United States History; United States History 19th Century; United States History 20th Century; United States Social Aspects; United States Statistics; Uganda; United States History; United States History 19th Century; United States History 20th Century; United States Social Aspects; United States Statistics; West Indies
  • Escapes
  • Explorers [multiple subdivisions]
  • Explorers America Biography
  • Explorers Great Britain Biography
  • Filibusters
  • Forced Migration
  • Forced Migration History
  • Forced Repatriation World War 1939 1945
  • Frontier and Pioneer Life
  • Globalization
  • Globalization Economic Aspects
  • Globalization Environmental Aspects
  • Globalization Health Aspects
  • Globalization History
  • Globalization Moral and Ethical Aspects
  • Globalization Political Aspects
  • Globalization Religious Aspects
  • Globalization Social Aspects
  • Immigrants [multiple subdivisions]
  • Imperial Federation
  • Imperialism
  • Imperialism Great Britain History 19th Century
  • Imperialism Historiography
  • Imperialism History
  • Imperialism History 17th Century
  • Imperialism History 18th Century
  • Imperialism History 19th Century
  • Imperialism History 20th Century
  • Imperialism History To 1500
  • Imperialism Psychological Aspects
  • Imperialism Social Aspects
  • International Agencies
  • International and Municipal Law
  • International Business Enterprises
  • International Business Enterprises Developing Countries
  • International Division of Labor
  • International Economic Integration
  • International Economic Relations
  • International Economic Relations History
  • International Finance
  • International Labor Activities
  • International Law
  • International Organization
  • International Relations
  • International Relief
  • International Trade
  • Internationalism
  • Militarism
  • Nation State and Globalization
  • Nomads
  • Nomads Asia Central History
  • Nomads Eurasia History
  • Nomads Middle East
  • Nomads Soviet Union History
  • Peacekeeping Forces
  • Peacekeeping Forces United Nations
  • Pilgrims and Pilgrimages
  • Political Refugees
  • Refugee Children
  • Refugees
  • Religious Refugees
  • Seafaring Life
  • Soldiers Of Fortune
  • Travel History
  • Travelers
  • Travelers Biography
  • Travelers Great Britain
  • Travelers United States
  • Travelers English
  • Travelers Europe
  • Travelers Europe History
  • Travelers Writings
  • Travelers Writings American; American History and Criticism; Chinese History and Criticism; English; English History and Criticism; English Turkey History and Criticism; English Women Authors History and Criticism; European; European History and Criticism; History and Criticism; Japanese History and Criticism; Russian
  • Visitors Foreign
  • Voyages and Travels
  • Voyages and Travels Early Works To 1800 *
  • Voyages and Travels Historiography
  • Voyages and Travels History
  • Voyages and Travels History 18th Century
  • Voyages and Travels History 19th Century *
  • Voyages and Travels History To 1500 *
  • Voyages and Travels Juvenile Literature
  • Voyages and Travels Maps
  • Voyages and Travels Personal Narratives*
  • Women Explorers
  • Women Immigrants
  • Women Refugees

*includes or consists entirely of primary sources; other subject categories may also include primary sources

Indexes (identify journal articles)

Use indexes to identify articles of interest. Be sure to make use of their bibliographies, works cited, and references for additional resources that will help with research on any topic.

Indexes, Print

  • Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature. AI 3 .R48 Reference 1900-
  • Humanities Index. AI 3 .I495 Reference 1974-1998
  • International Index to Periodicals. AI 3 .I49 Reference 1920/1923-1952/1955
  • International Index. AI 3 .I49 Reference 1955/1958-1964/1965
  • International Political Science Abstracts. JA 36 .I5 Reference 1951-2006
  • London Times Index (various titles: Palmer's, etc.) AI 21 T51 & AI21 .T46 Print Newspaper Index & others nearby 1785- ; the newspaper itself is on microfilm in the Journal Room, call number AN .T5 (current issues in print in newspaper area); also available online in Times Digital Archive 1785-2008 via Gale News Vault--includes Sunday Times.
  • Nineteenth Century Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature, 1890-1899; with supplementary indexing, 1900-1922. AI3 .R496 Reference
  • Poole's Index to Periodical Literature. AI3 .P6 Reference 1802-1901
  • Social Sciences Index. AI 3 .I496 Reference 1974/75-1998/99

Indexes/Databases, Electronic

These indexes may also be accessed by CSU affiliates via the "A-Z Databases" pages. See Truncation and Proximity Operators for advanced searching methods for these and other databases.

Academic Search Premier. Varies. 

General database with broad coverage. Terms that work include: Travelers; Travelers' writings; Ecotourism; Emigration & immigration; Immigrants; Nomads; Cultural pluralism; Third culture children; Repatriation; Cultural isolation. Third Culture Kids as phrase--book series with this name. Other topics include: Ethnic relations; Peace; Political activists; political violence; Radicalism; Radicals; United States; Developing countries; Economic aspects; Globalization; International relations; International trade; Economic development; Culture; International markets; Economic policy; Neoliberalism; [Country] Foreign Relations; War Economic Aspects; Resource exploitation; Socioeconomic factors; Risk factors.

America: History & Life. 1954- . 

  • Historical coverage of the United States and Canada. Latin America appears as well. Some terms: Globalization; International relations; Geopolitics; Neoliberalism; Social classes; Power (social sciences).

Family & Society Worldwide. 1970- . 

  • Subject terms that work in this database include: Immigrants; Emigration & immigration; Emigration & immigration law; immigration opponents; immigration enforcement; emigration & immigration government policy; cultural pluralism; immigrant families.

JSTOR. Full text articles at least 3-5 years old (varies by journal). 

Full text or linked to full text for more recent articles (most of them). Contemporary vocabulary is vital for success.

PAIS International. 1915- . 

Search for articles, books, statistical directories, government documents, and more. Terms to search include: Travel; Tourism; Immigrants; Residential mobility; Demographics: Immigration policy; Transnationalism; International law; Citizenship. Other topics include: Mediation, International; Negotiation; Peace; United States; International relations; Foreign relations; European Union; Government and politics; International security; United Nations; Diplomacy; International law; Geopolitics; Economic relations; Globalization; International cooperation; Regional security; Negotiation; Economic policy; Treaties; Developing countries; Decision-making; Decision making; Regulation; Legislation; Economic development; Markets; Economic conditions; Sustainable development; Infrastructure; Social policy; Investments; Education; Finance; Environmental policy; Employment; Law; Technology.

Project Muse. Varies.  Full text articles (view in PDF).

PsycINFO. Varies 

Do a keyword search for "third culture kids." Subject terms include: Cross Cultural Differences; Ethnic Identity; Globalization; Sociocultural Factors; Missionaries.

Historical Abstracts. 1954- . 

Covers events of 1450 to the present. Subjects: nomads; imperialism; transportation; globalization; explorers; discoveries in geography; adventure & adventurers; conquerors; voyages & travels; navigation; privateering ["privateer" according to the OED is: "An armed vessel owned and crewed by private individuals, and holding a government commission known as a letter of marque . . . authorizing the capture of merchant shipping belonging to an enemy nation."]; immigrants; emigration & immigration; foreign workers.

Sociological Abstracts

Do a keyword search for "third culture kids." Term for adults who were is ATCK. Search also Third culture individuals; Pastoral Societies [subject term]; nomadic societies [subject term].

Nineteenth Century Masterfile. Online (Paratext)

We have very few of these items readily available, so plan ahead so you can use InterLibrary Loan when needed. There are many duplicate entries; make sure you do not request the same article twice because multiple articles from the same source (journal/magazine/newspaper) costs the Library additional money to acquire (i.e. individual articles become more expensive the more you request from the same source). Keep in mind that you are searching predominantly 19th century (1800-1899) material; there are a few early 20th century items, but don't expect to find them. You might also check Google Books for older (pre-1923) journals to see if the entire issue is available. Then look within for your specific article(s).

Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers. Online (Gale NewsVault with London Times). Full text of newspapers.

Same search interface and will often search at the same time the Times Digital Archive. Contemporary vocabulary is vital for success.

Sunday Times Digital Archive, 1822-2006. Online (The Sunday Times [Gale]).  Sunday paper from London.

Contemporary vocabulary is going to be vital for success. Over 224,000 results contain the word "travel." Over 37,000 of these are feature articles, over 17,000 news.

Times Digital Archive. London Times 1785-2008. Also listed above. 

Get the British perspective on topics. Only has week days. Sunday Times now also available (different publication). Same search interface and will often search at the same time the Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers database. Contemporary vocabulary is vital for success.

See also:

WorldCat. Identifies books, archival materials, etc., but not articles. (Subject terms should match those listed under Books. The library catalog, Prospector, and Interlibrary Loan requests can be made directly from WorldCat via the  button)

New York Times 1851- . (Contemporary vocabulary is vital for success.)

Web of Science. (Arts & Humanities Citation Index)

International Affairs Journals

These journals will provide information on travelers & international studies.


Identify travel journals/magazines by doing a subject search in the library catalog for:

Voyages and Travels Periodicals


Some of the Web pages/sites fit under more than one category, so check all of them. The first section has bibliographies, the second has international information & organizations, the third primary sources on the Web (primarily), and the fourth has Web sites with contemporary activities (i.e. current as in 21st century) or are mostly or entirely secondary sources.


Check the library catalog and then Prospector for local holdings of items on bibliographies.

Find additional bibliographies on the Web by doing a search (I recommend in Yahoo! first) for "topic bibliography"; for example: explorers bibliography. Look for bibliographies on library, university, and organizational sites. Be willing to go through multiple pages of results. Some of the best material I have found has been listed on page 20 or higher of a Yahoo! or Google search results.

International Information & Organizations

CIA The World Factbook.  Country profiles.

Under "communication" identified country code, useful for identifying official governmental Web sites. By region or alphabetically.

Geneva Conventions. Comite International Geneve. ICRC. 

"The Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols form the core of international humanitarian law, which regulates the conduct of armed conflict and seeks to limit its effects. They protect people not taking part in hostilities and those who are no longer doing so."

International Committee of the Red Cross

"Its mission is to alleviate human suffering, protect life and health, and uphold human dignity especially during armed conflicts and other emergencies."

International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Canada. 

Established by an act of Canada’s parliament in 1970 “to initiate, encourage, support, and conduct research into the problems of the developing regions of the world and into the means for applying and adapting scientific, technical, and other knowledge to the economic and social advancement of those regions.”

UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. 

"UNESCO was created in order to respond to the firm belief of nations, forged by two world wars in less than a generation, that political and economic agreements are not enough to build a lasting peace. Peace must be established on the basis of humanity’s moral and intellectual solidarity.


"UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized."

United Nations

Top menu divided by: Peace and Security; Development; Human Rights; Humanitarian Affairs, and International Law. Overview of its history; its charter, etc. In six languages.

The World Bank

Five organizations make up the World Bank Group. It "is the largest anti-poverty institution in the world, offering loans, advice, knowledge, and an array of customized resources to more than 100 developing countries and countries in transition." The World Bank Group A to Z book (258 pages, PDF) provides information on activities and programs.

World Health Organization (WHO). 

"WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends." Fact sheets, data, health topics, and other information.

Primary Sources--CSU affiliates only

American State Papers (1789-1938) 

Section on International Affairs has many listings. There are specific countries and topics such as treaties and specific treaties (multiple ones with Native American tribes).

United States Congressional Serial Set (1817-1994). 

Section on International Affairs has multiple listings. Many are specific countries (choose and then browse or search within); others are topical, such as Conventions and diplomacy topics. Extensive.

Primary Sources on the Web

Internet Modern History Sourcebook. Paul Halsall. Fordham University. 

Links to primary source material from multiple sites on the Web (some on-site). Arranged by various categories (some of which are linked to directly below). An extremely helpful site.


Hispanic Exploration in America: Primary Source Set. Library of Congress. 

Twenty-two images. Suggestion: do searches in the locations of the images for additional material.

Primary Source Documents. The Age of Exploration. Historyteacher.net.  Documents from 1340-1730.

Includes Christopher Columbus. Some documents are on site (pop up windows with text), others link to another site.

Sources on Exploration & Expansion. Internet Medieval Sourcebook. Paul Halsall. Fordham University. 

Links to free material on the Web. Some internal to other parts of the Internet Medieval Sources. Sections are: General; Western Orientalism; Maritime Exploration and Conquest; and Maritime Exploration and Conquest.


Imperialism. Internet Modern History Sourcebook. Paul Halsall. Fordham University. 

Sections of the page cover: imperialism (analyses, motives and attitudes, celebrations and objections); China and the West; India under the British; Africa; the Middle East; the Japanese exception; and American imperialism.

Imperialism Primary Sources. Historywiz. 

Fifteen items on the topic.

Primary Source Documents.

The "New Imperialism." Historyteacher.net.  Documents from 1757 to 1926. Some documents are on site (pop up windows with text), others link to another site, although not all links checked worked (most did).

Primary Sources, Maps and Images. Chapter 16: Europe's World Supremacy, 1871-1914. History of the Modern World, 10th Edition (Palmer). [CSU owns the 2nd and 4th editions of the book.] 

Arranged by: Imperialism: Its Nature and Causes; The Americas; The Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire; The Partition of Africa; Imperialism in Asia: The Dutch, the British, and the Russians; Imperialism in Asia: China and the West; and The Russo-Japanese War and Its Consequences.

The Western Intrusion. (into Asia). Internet Indian History Sourcebook. Paul Halsall. Fordham University. 

Links to sources arranged by: general, European imperialism, British East Asia, other European powers in East Asia, United States' imperialism, and missionaries.


The Sidney Heitman Germans From Russia Collection. CSU Libraries Archives. 

"The collection documents early migration to Colorado settlements, religious and family matters, occupations, and social mobility. There is considerable material on the early sugar beet industry and the role of the Germans from Russia in its early growth, plus a general view of the history of Colorado from the perspective of this ethnic group."

Aspiration, Acculturation, and Impact: Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930. Harvard University Library. 

Documents voluntary immigration to the United States. Many 19th century items. Over 400,000 pages. Over 7800 photographs. Provides contextual (secondary) information. Navigate using the left side menu.

Immigration Challenges for New Americans: Primary Source Set. Library of Congress.  Twenty-one images.

Suggestion: do searches in the locations of the images for additional material.

Immigration. Guide. Records. National Archives. Great Britain. 

Guide to records in the archives of interest to the topic of immigration. Covers "information about how to trace foreigners coming to live in Britain in the last 600 years." Multiple (over ten) categories of sources.

US Immigration. Internet Modern History Sourcebook. Paul Halsall. Fordham University. 

Contents of the page include: US Immigration and Its Effects; European Immigration (General, British, German, Irish, Italian, and Jewish); Asian Immigration; Latin American Immigration; Ellis Island and New York; and Opposition to Immigration.

Other Web

Directory of National Archives. Robert V. Labaree. University of Southern California Libraries.

A-Z list of roughly 70 archives from around the world. Select the country of interest (knowing the local language will help in most cases). Sections on immigration for a few archives are listed below under immigration.


Global and Domestic Nomads or Third Culture Kids: Who Are They and What the University Needs to Know. Wendy Stultz. Journal of Student Affairs Vol 12 2003. Colorado State University. 2003. pp. 81-90.

Article defining global nomads as well as their needs and advantages in an educational setting.

The Pastoral-Nomadic Life. The Mongols in World History. Asian Topics in World History. Asia for Educators. Columbia University. 

Overview of use of specific animals needed for survival. Also includes clothing and shelter.

Term for nomadic children: Third Culture Kids.

Nomads: Book

Nomads in Archaeology: Introduction. Roger Cribb. Cambridge University Press, 1993.  Table of contents and introductory chapter of book.

Maps have arrows showing movement. Nomads in Archeology book is available at CSU Libraries (request from Storage).

Nomads: Article

"Is Everywhere Nowhere? Nomads, Nations, and the Immigrant Paradigm of United States History." Donna R. Gabaccia. Journal of American History 86.3 (1999): 1115-34. CSU affiliates only. 

This article has extensive notes (at the foot of pages).


Once an adventurer is identified, look for additional information in the library catalog and in library indexes.

7 Adventurers from History Who Broke the Mold. Alexander Davies. Nov. 8, 2011. Discovery Communications. 

A thought-provoking list of people who were the first to complete or played a key role in major adventures from history, 950-to the 20th century.

Exploration and Adventures. National Geographic.

Stories, videos, galleries, quick reads. Commercial site.


Once identified, look for additional information in the library catalog and in library indexes. See also list just above.

American Journeys. Eyewitness Accounts of Early American Exploration and Settlement: A Digital Library and Learning Center. Wisconsin Historical Society. Institute of Museum and Library Services. National History Day. 

Accounts date from 1000 (Sage of Eric the Red) to 1844 (Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio).

Ancient Chinese Explorers. Evan Hadingham. NOVA. 2001. 

Overview of Chinese exploration from 10th to 15th centuries.

European Explorers. Bill Kendrat. 

Lessons aimed at middle school students, but has names of four explorers at foot and links to additional information (identified in November 2011).

Famous Explorers. Elizabethan Era. 

Broken down by group, an extensive list for a short time period (1400-1600). Click on name for additional information on or off-site. Pop-up ads frequent.

Major European Explorers. Courtney Roy. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. 

Names of explorers. Depending upon the person, brief outline of area of exploration, goals of exploration, main expedition(s), and impact. Early names Portuguese and Spanish.

Nineteenth Century Exploration of Australia. Charles H. Smith and Jennifer Rakestraw. 

Information is based on 1893 perspectives, but names and map still useful. A great starting point.

Trappers, Traders, & Explorers. Utah History to Go. State of Utah. 

Specific areas and incidences and people of note.


Archivo General de la Nación México. In Spanish. 

If you know the word for "immigration" in Spanish ("immigración" is a possibility), search for it on this site--if you can find a search box. One was not readily apparent on 3 Feb 2011.

Exploration and Settlement. Discover the Collection. Library and Archives Canada. Also available in French. 

Brief information and links to sources of more. Search the site and identify over 36,000 items in the archives itself (items that may or may not be available online). Over 3,200 items are available under the Website section for immigration.

Immigration . . . African. Library of Congress. 

Page with overview of African immigration to America. Four images.

Immigration History of Canada. L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia. W. A. Carrothers, "Immigration", in W. Stewart Wallace, ed., The Encyclopedia of Canada , Vol. III, Toronto, University Associates of Canada, 1948, 396p., pp. 239-249. 

Gives an encyclopedic overview of immigration to Canada from 1534 to the 1940s.

Making Australia Home. National Archives of Australia. 

"During the 20th century more than seven million people made Australia home. The National Archives project Making Australia Home is progressively making migration records available online." Scroll down to foot of page to see: family history case studies, showcases, and collective biography (Muslim journeys).

Maltese Emigration History. Maltamigration.com 

Information on Maltese migrations.

Refugees Study Centre. Oxford Department of International Development. 

"The Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) was established in 1982 as part of the Oxford Department of International Development (Queen Elizabeth House) at the University of Oxford. It has since won an international reputation as the leading multidisciplinary centre for research and teaching on the causes and consequences of forced migration. Its philosophy is to combine world-class academic research with a commitment to improving the lives and situations for some of the world’s most disadvantaged people." Sections on research, teaching, publications, information resources, library, and more.

Related Links. Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930. Aspiration, Acculturation, and Impact. Harvard University Library Open Collections Program. 

Annotated list of links to sites with information about immigration. Arranged by Historical Resources; African-American Migration; Genealogical Resources; and Datasets.

UN Refugee Agency

"The UN refugee agency emerged in the wake of World War II to help Europeans displaced by that conflict. Optimistically, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly with a three-year mandate to complete its work and then disband. The following year, on July 28, the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees - the legal foundation of helping refugees and the basic statute guiding UNHCR's work - was adopted."

It is essential that you carefully evaluate whatever you might find, no matter the format. See: How to Evaluate Journal Articles, How to Evaluate Books, How to Evaluate a Web Page, and How to Evaluate a Movie, Video, or Film Clip.

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