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WW I-Sites Other Than English Introduction

This page is a subset of the World War I page. It provides links to materials that can be used for doing research on World War I. The pages are in French or German (in some cases there may be links to English or other-language materials). Annotations are primarily in English, but may have some descriptions, phrases, or sentences in another language.

Warning: because of the topic (war), there are a number of linked-to sites below that show images (photographs, etc.) of the dead and other potentially disturbing sights.

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See also Documents of World War I or the Great War in English (World War I Web page)

La Première Guerre Mondiale en Français (World War I in French)

Le Canada et la Première Guerre Mondiale. Bibliothèque et Archives Canada. In French. Also in English

War diaries [Journaux de guerre], "we were there" [Nous y etions] (people who were there), and "did you know that" [Saviez vous que]. "This Web site contains contextual information and help for researchers wishing to use the digitised War Diaries of CEF infantry and artillery units, Brigade, Division and Corps commands and support units such as Railway and Forestry troops. The site also includes the War Diaries of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and British units that served under Canadian command. This site does not include documents relating to the Royal Canadian Air Force, or to the Royal Canadian Navy." ["Ce site Web contient des renseignements contextuels qui aideront les chercheurs désirant consulter les versions numérisées des journaux de guerre des unités d'infanterie et d'artillerie, ainsi que celles des rapports de brigade, de division, d'état-major d'une unité et d'autres unités d'appui, par exemple les unités ferroviaires ou forestières du CEC. Le site contient également les journaux de guerre du Royal Newfoundland Regiment et ceux des unités britanniques sous commandement canadien. Il ne contient pas de documents concernant l'Aviation royale du Canada ni la Marine royale du Canada." War diaries are not personal diaries. [Les journaux de guerre ne sont pas des journaux personnels.] Summaries and maps. While the diaries themselves are primary sources, the summaries are secondary sources. Search the war diaries database (by unit name, date, or year), and see images of the diaries themselves in some cases. Handwritten diaries in English do not appear to have French equivalents, but the text about them is in French.

Les Coloniaux en 1914-1918. Troupes De Marine Françaises. In French. 

Locations of troops during the war. Which battles they fought.

Dictionnarie biographique du Canada: La Première Guerre mondiale). In French. © 2003-2014 University of Toronto/Université Laval. Canadian Heritage. Aussi en anglais (Dictionary of Canadian Biography: The First World War). 

Plusieurs des biographies. L’organisation: Morts sur le champ de bataille; La guerre de l’air; Les récipiendaires de la croix de Victoria; Les généraux; La préparation à l’effort de guerre; L’économie en temps de guerre; Le recrutement; La conscription divise le Canada; Le pacifisme; L’ethnicité et la race; Les contributions civiles; Les écrits sur la guerre; Les conséquences de la guerre sur les familles; La démobilisation et les vétérans; Les soldats autochtones; La médecine militaire; Les aumôniers militaires.

Extraits des Carnets de Tranchée du Marsouin VIRY Georges 1914-1915. Christophe Viry. In French. 

Journal of a soldier--in the trenches in 1914 and 1915. Site has photographs and audio. (German and English versions still under construction.)

La Grande Guerre en Dessins. In French. 

Drawings, paintings, and writings of the war. Click on large picture on right side of page to enter. Drawings sorted by Le poilu (French soldiers of WWI); Le Combat (fighting); Champ d'Honneur (battlefields); L'Aviation (planes); La Marine (navy); Les Nations; L'Humour. The section of Les Hommages provides an annotated list of sources and documents.

Guerre de 1914-1918: Collection de Photographies. D o m i n i q u e B A C. In French. 

Five "Albums" of photographs. Albums show small images; click to enlarge and read a brief description. Introduction warns that some of the photographs are grim, showing the realities of war. ("Certaines vues sont très dures; elles nous font découvrir la triste réalité de la guerre.") Photos are not for reproduction either personal or commercial. ("SVP - N'utilisez pas ces photos pour des publications personnelles ou commerciales.")

Première Guerre mondiale Souvenirs. Anciens Combattants Canada. © Ministre des Approvisionnements et Services Canada.

In French. Also in English.  The start, the extension, Canada joining the war, on the West front, and behind the lines. War in the air, war in the sea, Canadians in other campaigns, after the Armistice, and commemorative monuments for Canadians (in Belgium and France). Map of the Western front.

Carnets de la Grande Guerre 1914-1918

Single perspectives (Champagne, Souain) and side by side (Alsace, Somme, Marne/Ourcq, Aisne) letters or diaries of battles and events of the war by two participants: Abel Castel and Henri Roth. Epilogue (foot of Souain page) reports on their post-war lives.

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Der Erste Weltkrieg in Deutsch (World War I in German)

Apologies for the mixture of German terms within the English descriptions. The author of this page is presuming (one hopes not rashly) that German readers will know what they mean.

Das Archiv zum 1. Weltkrieg. © 2000-2008 stahlgewitter.com. In German. 

Details of specific days of the war. The first page has pictures of the dead. An example date would be: Der Weltkrieg am 1. April 1916.

Erster Weltkrieg. In German. 

Data on allies and enemies and neutral countries (some with dates). Dates included for: Entente, Mittelmächte, and Abbruch der diplomatischen.

Der Erste Weltkrieg. Deutsches Historisches Museum. In German. 

Read about the war. Includes audio of Kaiser Wilhelm addressing the German people in August 1914. Summaries of events of 1914-18: Kriegsverlauf; Innenpolitik; Industrie und Wirtschaft; Kriegspropaganda; Künstler im Krieg; Alltagsleben; and Antisemitismus. Images of posters and more.

Weltkrieg. © 2002 - 2006 by panzertruppe.de. In German. 

Read about the types of tanks used in the war. Includes photographs.

Das Deutsche Reich und der 1. Weltkrieg 1914-18. In German. 

Links to details (sometimes internal links to get to text) on: Allgemeines; Das Deutsche Reich und sein Heer von 1914; Chronologie der Ereignisse; Ausgewählte Themen von besonderer Bedeutung; Die höhere Führung im Weltkrieg; Der Soldat, seine Familie und die Heimat; Der Kreis Wetzlar und seine Weltkriegstoten; Verschiedene Spezialthemen; and Impressum.

Das Wilhelminische Kaiserreich und der Erste Weltkrieg (1890-1918) In German (English version also.). Edited by Roger Chickering and Steven Chase Gummer with Seth Rotramel. Section of German History in Documents and Images. German Historical Institute. 

The site provides a detailed introduction to the topic, documents, images, and three maps. (Einleitung, dokumente, bilder, and landkarten.) The einleitung covers: Überblick: Das Wilhelminische Deutschland 1890-1914; I. Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung; II. Gesellschaft und Kultur; III. "Modernes Leben": Diagnosen, Entwürfe, Alternativen; IV. Staat und Gesellschaft; V. Politik; VI. Außenpolitik; Deutschland im Krieg 1914-1918; I. Die Kämpfe; II. Mobilisierung der Heimatfront; III. Entbehrungen und Unruhen an der Heimatfront; IV. Der Weg zum Kriegsende; VI. Militär, Außenpolitik und Krieg. Context is provided for materials.

Der Erste Weltkrieg. Dieter Griesshaber. Geschichts- und Kulturverein Köngen e.V. 

Chronological overview of the first world war. Divided into sections: Die Entscheidungsträger der europäischen Großmächte 1914; Julikrise 1914; Deutschland 1914; Kriegsverlauf bis 1916; Wendepunkt 1917; Innenpolitik 1917; Kriegsende 1918; and Literaturhinweise (bibliography).

Web Sites & Resources in English

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Documents of World War I or the Great War. (World War I Web page.)

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