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19th Century Europe Art Introduction

This page has materials related to 19th century European art, with a focus primarily on France, a bit of England, Goya in Spain, and Friedrich and Runge in Germany.

Art Reference Books             Books                           Identify Articles                           Journals                19th Century European Art on the Web

Art Reference Books

Biographical Encyclopedia of Artists. 4 vols. N 40 .B535 2005 Reference

Vol. 1 has graph image showing artist overlap by century and country. See page xiii for neoclassicism/romanticism overlap. Individual artists found alphabetically.

Dictionary of Art. 34 vols. N 31 .D5 1996 Reference.  Online link Oxford Art Online available to CSU affiliates.

The major book on art. Extensive entries, most with bibliographies. Search online by keyword or browse by article title, contributor, or index. Online search includes articles from The Oxford Companion to Western Art (listed below), so be sure to cite carefully. Search for images from collections, too. Highly recommended. See, for example, entry on "Romanticism": an overview, 1. The movement 2. Aesthetics 3. Manifestations in art 4. The legacy, and an extensive bibliography.

Encyclopedia of Art. 4 vols. N 31 .L3 2002 Reference

See entries on neoclassicism and individual artists.

The Oxford Companion to Western Art. N 33 .O923 2001 Reference

Comprehensive entries on artists, movements, museums, methods, materials (e.g. chalk), eras, etc. As an example, the entry on perspective has 41 explanatory or example figures. Search online in Dictionary of Art (above).


Identify books on 19th century European art in general (and specific movements) in the library catalog. Identify additional titles in Prospector, the Colorado Union Catalog. CSU affiliates may request items from Prospector. Search the following terms using a Subject search; be sure to look at the subdivisions as well, for example, "Art, Rococo France":

Art English
Art English 19th Century 
Art European
Art European 19th Century
Art French
Art French 19th Century
Art French 19th Century Catalogs
Art French 19th Century Exhibitions
Art Germany
Art Modern 19th Century
Art Modern 19th Century Europe
Art, Rococo

Art and Society [country/Europe]
Arts and crafts movement
Classicism in Art 
Impressionism (Art) 
Neo Impressionism Art 
Painting, English 19th Century 
Painting, French 19th Century 
Painting, German 19th Century
Realism in art
Romanticism in Art 
Symbolism Art Movement

Search for a specific artist by doing both an author search (last name first) and subject search (also last name first); there may be overlap, but do both to make sure nothing is missed; look at subdivision titles as well (e.g. [artist] criticism and interpretation):

Delacroix Eugene 1798 1863 
Friedrich Caspar David 1774 1840 
Goya, Francisco, 1746-1828
Rodin Auguste 1840 1917 
Runge, Philipp Otto, 1777-1810 [only 2 titles in the library catalog; more in Prospector]

This 1896 title is in Storage, but might be an interesting title for contemporary views of the artists: Artists of the Nineteenth Century and their Works: A Handbook Containing Two Thousand and Fifty Biographical Sketches. N40 .W5 1896  Storage.

Identify Articles

Use the following indexes/databases to identify articles by topic, for example, about an artist. Search for articles about a specific artist by the artist's name (leave out his or her country, century, etc.; adding unnecessary terms will only harm your search). Search for art from a specific country. For example: "France and art and 19th" or "Spain and art and 19th." JSTOR is full text for items at least 3-5 years old; check FindIt@CSU for electronic and/or print ownership (found in the library catalog) in the other databases. Check the library catalog for articles identified in the print indexes.

Academic Search Premier. Varies.

Art Abstracts. 1984- . Also in print, scattered years from 1932-1998; Z 5937 .A78 Reference

Art Index Retrospective 1929-1984.

Historical Abstracts. 1954- .

JSTOR. Varies.

Palmer's Index to the Times (London). 1790-1941. AI 21 .T51 Microtext. The Times newspaper is found at AN .T5 Microtext (basement) on Microfilm. Also online in Times Digital Archive.

Poole's Index to Periodicals. 1802-1901. AI3 .P6 Reference

Web of Science (search Arts & Humanities Citation Index 1975- within).


For journals owned by CSU, check the library catalog for exact holdings, because the information included here may change.

The Art Bulletin. N 11 .C4 Current issues in current journals section; various earlier years in Movable Shelves through 2000. JSTOR 1919- ; but not most recent 4 years. In Academic Search Premier from 1975- .

Art History. N 7480 .A77 Current issues in current journals section. 1988-1993,1995- to current in Movable Shelves. In Academic Search Premier from 1981- except for most recent year. Most recent two years available from Synergy.

Art Journal. N 81 .A72 Current issues in current journals section. 1981-2000 in Movable Shelves. In JSTOR 1960- ; but not most recent 4 years. In Academic Search Premier from 1974- .

Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes. in JSTOR 1939-2000.

Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide: A Journal of Nineteenth Century Visual Culture. 2002- . Online.

Focus on art history. Peer reviewed journal. Articles and book reviews.

Nineteenth-Century French Studies. Available full text from 2001- Vol. 29.3 in Project MUSE (via library catalog or the database itself). Vols. 2-32 (1973/1974-2003) available in print at PQ 1 .N55 Movable Shelves

Over 100 articles that mention art. Archive search is for entire run, articles from 1972- .

Oxford Art Journal. In JSTOR 1978-1999.


Book: Historical Painting Techniques, Materials, and Studio Practice. (Preprint.) The Getty Conservation Institute. 26-29 June 1995. 241 pages.

Chapters by various authors (abstract of each on first page). Focus is on technique of various artists and schools. A few images are included. Notes at the end of each chapter. Errata for PDF begins on page 238.

The first group of Web sites has materials about multiple countries. There are specific country sections for EnglandFranceGermany, and Spain.

18th and 19th Century Treasury. Walters Art Museum.

Click on image for larger image, additional description, and download option. 4 pages.

19th Century Art. Art History Resources on the Web. ©Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe Sweet Briar College.

Top of page has site index; scroll down to see links on 19th century art. Links are topically arranged. Multiple links. Extensive. Use the "Find" search to see if a particular artist is mentioned.

19th Century Europe. Voice of the Shuttle. U. California, Santa Barbara, English Department.

Links to general and country specific (British, Dutch, French, Russian, and Spanish) Web resources.

Art Biographical Reference Works: A Selected Guide. Kathryn Wayne, University of California, Berkeley. 2004.

A useful list first general and then by geographical area. Check the library catalog for local ownership.

Nineteenth Century Art. Jeffrey Howe. Boston College.

A lot of links, grouped by topic or major artist. (Page also covers twentieth century artists).

European Collection. Joslyn Art Museum.

Information about objects. A few illustrations.


19th Century. Victoria & Albert Museum.

Useful for context. Exhibit-based. Page might be going away soon as of May 2016. Redoing site. If it disappears, look by V&A Collections (e.g. paintings, photographs, textiles, etc.)

19th Century British. Voice of the Shuttle.

Essays, biography, bibliography.

Decorative Art. Brighton & Hove Museum. Royal Pavillion Libraries & Museums Collection.

Images of items in the collection. For example, tea and coffee sets, bowls, figures, baskets, cups, dishes, etc. Date or century identified.

Museums in England. Britain Express.

Public and commercial places to visit. Narrow by county. Will need to look at individual places to see if there is any 19th century art available to view online.


French Painting of the 19th Century. National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Introduction and online tours, some with audio. Tour Neoclassicism specifically, room by room.

L'Histoire de France par l'Image 1789-1939. Minister de la Recherche. All rights reserved.

Research materials by theme, chronological, or searchable by topic. Site and materials in French, so search topics in French.


Friedrich Caspar David. WebMuseum.

Biographical information and images. Click on image to enlarge.

Germany: Museums, Galleries, Institutes, & Centers. Voice of the Shuttle.

Links to museums, etc. Some sites in German only; others in English and German. Sites may or may not have information about 19th Century German paintings, but may be worth checking.

German Romanticism: A Selective List. IHAS.

Names of poets & writers, visual artists, and composers; with dates and major work.

Revolution and restoration (1740-1860): Germany. WebMuseum.

Artists listed by classicism, romanticism, and realism. Click on movement name for description.


Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) and the Spanish Enlightenment. Jim Voorhies. Timeline of Art History. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

About Goya and his works.

Goya (y Lucientes), Francisco (José) de. Nicolas Pioch. WebMusuem.

Brief biography with photographs of selected paintings. Click on painting to enlarge.

Goya's Paintings. InfoGoya96. University of Zaragoza, sponsored by the Institution Fernando el Católico.

Biographical information. Scroll down for links with images and additional information.

Modern Art. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.

"Catalan art from the nineteenth century and the first few decades of the twentieth" arranged by room in the museum. Click on room number for narrative and selected items. Click on the images to enlarge.

Spanish Arts.

All centuries. "Little History of Art" covers 19th century. Selected artists with paintings in the Prado have entries (with images). Covers architecture and literature as well. Click on "Español" in upper corner for text in Spanish. Several ad links.

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