Reference Works: These are not primary sources, but they will give  you an overview of the literature about your taxon and references to the primary literature. This is a good starting point for your research.

Research Tips

Are you ready to get your research project started?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Do background information research to identify and learn about a species group of interest
    • Decide on your research topic, make sure it fits the assignment. Discuss with your professor if you have any questions or doubts.
    • Start by looking up your taxon in one of the above reference sources. Look at the bibliography for the entry to get ideas of other resources you could use.
    • Review the bibliography (see link on  the left) for any books on your topic.
  2. Find the articles and other information pieces to use in your literature review.
    • Select keywords, taxa, descriptors to use when searching databases.
    • Search several databases including: Zoological Record Plus, BIOSIS, and  Web of Science.
    • Searching more than one database will help, and may be essential.
    • Read and review your journal articles and books. If you find other articles mentioned, look up those related references.

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