Database Searching Tips

Database searching is different from Google searching.

  • Break your topic into key words or phrases
    • Combine with AND to get fewer results (soil AND worms)
    • Combine with OR to get more results (soil OR dirt)
  • Try different searches using a different combination of your words and phrases
  • As you skim your results look for new words, phrases, and ideas that relate to your topic
  • Keep trying! Searching often takes time and requires trying multiple searches in a few different databases
  • Ask for help

When searching in databases you can use limits (normally on the left or right of your search results page) to focus on specific formats, publication years, etc.

Primary Databases in Botany

The Colorado State University Libraries subscribes to hundreds of databases. A thorough search often requires that you consult more than one database. Check the Databases Webpage for  a full listing of accessible databases. For hints on selecting and using databases try our Help with Databases site or Ask Us!


Secondary Databases in Botany

Full-Text Databases

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