What happened to Print Chemical Abstracts?

In Dec. 2010, the decision was made to withdraw the print version of Chemical Abstracts (CA) from the CSU Libraries.  As the library approached a major renovation, we encountered severe space issues, and CA was on the list of resources slated to be moved to storage.  In making this decision, we asked the question “How do we envision the print Chemical Abstracts would be used in the future?"  The decision to withdraw the print CA was made based on the following:

  • CA is available in its entirety via SciFinder, and this year CAS ceased publishing a print version.
  • The CSU Libraries have a non-duplication policy, and we typically withdraw print indexes that are available online.
  • SciFinder has taken the place of the print CA, and users are very satisfied with the service.
  • Since CAS is no longer producing print volumes,  electronic access is now the standard for SciFinder.
  • Many of the print volumes of CA have been moved to storage, and the in-house print volumes are seldom, if ever, used.
  • Access to Chemical Abstracts is part of the requirement for ACS accreditation, so CSU must continue to provide access to CA in order to maintain accreditation for the undergraduate chemistry program.  CSU Libraries are committed to supporting accreditation requirements.  Plus, SciFinder is so heavily used and the content is so unique, cancelling it is unlikely.
  • New chemists have no idea how to use CA, and the knowledge of how to efficiently use the collection is diminishing rapidly.

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