Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Overview of resources useful for research in the Liberal Arts

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Young woman in graduation capWe know research doesn't stop when you graduate...

While you no longer have access to many of CSU Libraries' resources after graduation, there is a wealth of information out there if you know where to look. Use this page to get started!

Explore Local Resources

Your local public library may offer:

  • access to multidisciplinary databases, useful for finding journal articles and more
  • interlibrary loan services, which may facilitate your access to articles, books, and other materials unavailable through your public library's collections
  • reference staff able to help you find and access resources through your public library and beyond

Find a library near you

Local college or university libraries may offer on-site access to resources and services for community members. These services may vary and some services may be fee-based. For instance, see CSU Libraries' resources for community members.

Find Free Full-text Articles

In addition to taking advantage of local resources, you can find and obtain free full-text articles at:

You can also take advantage of these free, open-source tools that can help you legally obtain free full-text articles:

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Consider Government Information

Find Books

These resources can help you identify books, media, and more. Use local resources like your public library to see if you can borrow the resources you find for free.

Manage Citations with Zotero

Zotero is a free bibliographic tool that allows you to store and organize your research.  Features of Zotero:

  • Store and organize references
  • Easily capture citation information from web pages and databases
  • Generate bibliographies
  • Use with Word to create citations and bibliographies

Download info is available at

See CSU Libraries' Zotero guide or Zotero Support for instructions and other tips and tricks.

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