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Lighting Design Introduction

This LibGuide has a list of books, terms to use to identify additional books, recommended research databases for finding journal and magazine articles, magazines and newspapers owned by CSU, and links to Web pages that are of interest to those researching lighting design, including students in INTD330. Lighting design is an important aspect of Interior Design. Items on the Interior Design page may have relevant sections on lighting.

Books Reports/Articles Lighting Associations
Journals Lighting for the Elderly/Low Vision Lighting Designers
Databases Lamp Manufacturers Local Light Stores
Web Fixture Manufacturers  


Books of Interest and Ways of Finding Books on Lighting Design


These materials are part of the circulating collection, so be sure to check the catalog first before heading to the shelves. Online books may, of course, be accessed remotely by CSU affiliates.

1000 Lights: 1878 to present = 1000 leuchten: 1878 bis heute = 1000 luminaires: 1878 á aujourd'hui. NK6196 .A17 2006 Morgan

The Architecture of Light: Architectural Lighting Design Concepts and Techniques: A Textbook of Procedures and Practices for the Architect, Interior Designer and Lighting Designer. TH7703 .R87 2008 Morgan

Architectural Lighting Design. TH7703 .S78 2002 Morgan

Auditory and Visual Sensations. 2009. Online AVS

Construction Drawing and Details for Interiors: Basic Skills. TH2031 .K54 2003 Morgan.  2016 version available Online CDDI

Daylight Science and Daylighting Technology. 2012. Online DSDT

Designing with Light. NA2794 .M49 2006 Morgan

Interior Lighting for Designers. 5th edition. 2015. Online ILD

Light and Light Sources: High-Intensity Discharge Lamps. TK4310 .F55 2006 Morgan.  Available Online LLS

Lighting Design Basics. TH7703 .K27 2004. Available Online LDB

On the Use of Integrated Daylighting and Energy Simulations to Drive the Design of a Large Net-Zero Energy Office Building. National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/CP-550-47522 August 2010[2010]. Online PDF government document OUID.

Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide to Beautiful and Sustainable Design. TH7975 .D8 W49 2009 Morgan

Library Catalog & Prospector

Identify books in the library catalog using the following SUBJECT terms. The terms work in Prospector, the Colorado Union Catalog. Current CSU affiliates may request items from Prospector libraries.

Color Vision
Commercial Buildings Lighting [3]
Dwellings Lighting
Ecological Houses Design and Construction
Electric Lamps
Electric Lighting
Exterior Lighting
Eye Aging
Interior Decoration
Light Emitting Diodes
Light in Architecture
Lighting, Architectural and decorative
Lighting United States
Museums Lighting
Vision Disorders in Old Age [see also subdivisions]
Visual Perception [AND light] 

Journals Owned by CSU

Online versions, unless identified as free, are available to CSU affiliates only.

Interiors. 1946-1947,1949-1950,1953-1956,1958-1976/1977; [separate record] 1978/1979-1979/1980,1984/1985-1988,1989/1990,1992-1993,1995-2001. NK 1700 .I54 Location: scattered years 1946-1980 Storage; scattered years 1980- Movable shelves; for 1977/78-1978 title was Contract Interiors (separate record requires different library catalog entry to request from storage); online 1999-2001.

Interiors and Housing. 1984-1990. TX 311 .I57 Location: storage

Interiors & Sources. 1997-2002, [separate record] 2004- . NK 1700 .I64 Location: Movable shelves; Current in Journal Room

Journal of Interior Design. 1975-1981,1983-1992 [separate record] 1993- . NK 1700 .J68 Title for 1975-1981,1983-1992: Journal of Interior Design Education and Research. Location: Movable shelves; Current in Journal Room.

Journal of Light & Visual Environment. [Japan; in English.] Free Online 1977- .

Lighting Research & Technology. Online 1999- LRaT

Databases for Identifying Lighting Design Topics

The article-identifying databases listed here can be found on the Databases page by title (A-Z). These are available remotely only to CSU affiliates. The lists of subject terms of interest are not comprehensive. Be sure to look at the subject terms of useful articles and do new subject searches using relevant terms.

Academic Search Premier.

Identify journal and magazine articles. A good number are full text, but images will not be available in HTML articles. Subject terms of interest: Interior lighting; Light emitting diodes; Electric light fixtures; Energy consumption; Commercial buildings; Daylighting; Light sources; Lamps; Lighting; Light bulbs; Light physiological effect; Lighting equipment & supplies; Light sources; Incandescent lamps; Incandescent electric lighting; Electric wiring; Older people; Visual acuity. NAICS Code is 335121 for Residential Electric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing.

Applied Science and Technology Abstracts.

Identifies journal articles. Subject terms of interest: Interior lighting; Lighting; Dwellings; Lighting design & construction; Architectural & decorative lighting; Fluorescent lamps; Electric lamps; Light emitting diodes; Light bulbs; Compact fluorescent light bulbs; Incandescent electric lighting; Halogen incandescent lamps; Mechanical efficiency; Energy consumption; Light sources; Electronic circuits; Electric wiring.

Business Source Complete.

Subject terms of interest: Lighting; Electric lighting; Light emitting diodes; Incandescent lamps; Light sources; Incandescent electric lighting; Light bulbs; Light sources; Interior lighting; Interior decoration; Architectural & decorative lighting; Energy consumption; Lamps; Fluorescent lamps; Fluorescent lighting; Visual environment; Dwellings; Commercial buildings; Solid state electronics; Electric light fixtures; Cost effectiveness; Older people; Vision. NAICS Code is 335121 for Residential Electric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing and 335120 for Lighting fixture manufacturing.

Compendex Engineering Index.

Subject terms of interest: Lighting; Electric lighting; Daylighting; Illuminating engineering; Light sources; Color; Light emitting diodes; Light emission; Energy efficiency; Energy conservation; office buildings; Energy Utilization; Lighting fixtures; Interiors building; Light; Design; Electric lamps ; Daylight simulation; Light reflection; Glare; Fluorescent lamps; Fiber optics; Wire; Electric wiring; Houses; Electric connectors; Apartment houses; Electric lines; Electric currents; Pressure effects; Electric discharges; Electric conductivity; Voltage control; Electrodes; Electric power systems; Ceilings; Building codes; Optimization.

Design & Applied Arts Index.

Identify journal articles and book reviews. Subject terms of interest: Interior design; Lighting; Houses; Retail design; Lights; Apartments; Restaurants; Hotels; Sustainability; Renovation; Architecture; Visual effects.

JSTOR. Current 3-5 years are generally not available.

Identify scholarly journal articles. All older articles are full text. Search using keywords.

Medline (CSU affiliates) /PubMed (available online to the public).

Search terms: Aged; Color; Lighting/methods; Lighting standards; Visual perception/physiology; Lighting; Lighting adverse effects; Interior design and furnishings; Aged: 65+ years; Middle Aged: 45-64 years; All Child: 0-18 years; All Adult: 19+ years; Female; Male

Lighting Design and Related Topics on the Web

Listed below are Web sites that have information about lighting design either directly or indirectly.

Due to the nature of the topic a number of these sites are commercial sites. Some offer online tutorials. No endorsement is implied for their products or services. Usual disclaimers apply. As always, carefully evaluate what you find on the Web. Read carefully privacy policies before submitting any personal information online.

Energy Independence & Security Act (2007). U.S. Department of Energy. Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy.

This Act "established energy management goals and requirements while also amending portions of the National Energy Conservation Policy Act (NECPA). It was signed into law on December 19, 2007." Expectations cover energy reduction goals for federal buildings, and other topics. See entire act from 110th Congress Public Law 140. See also Executive Order 13423, Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management. (full text of E.O. 13423 in Federal Register Vol. 72, No. 17, January 26, 2007, Title 3).

Energy Star. United States Environmental Protection Agency.

"ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency."


Information on lighting choices. Links to Lighting Principles and Terms and Lighting and Daylighting Products and Services. See also Energy Saver Lighting and more.

Lighting Glossary. Lightolier.

Extensive glossary of lighting terms. Commercial site. Also offers "a free online course on lighting fundamentals, and is intended for those new to the lighting industry, or for professionals looking to 'brush up' on their basic lighting knowledge.”

“North America’s Largest Lighting Directory.” Categories include: Fixtures, LEDs, Lamps, Fiber Optics, Ballasts, Daylighting, Controls, Design Firms, Parts, Services, Software, International, Instruments, and Energy Star®. Searchable by company or product; links go to company’s Web sites. Links to current news of interest; archive goes back to January 2007 (each month has a sponsor). Advertisements found throughout.

Lighting Your Home. American Lighting Association.

Article about the use of lighting in the home. Click on the name of a room for recommendations. Includes images. See also Lighting Fundamentals.

Lighting Research Center. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Left side has links under "Learn more" to various topics. Some articles in PDF format.

Lighting the Computerized Office. Alan Hedge et al. Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, New York State College of Human Ecology. Cornell University. Ergo.

Research study report (1989 & 1990) on lighting in offices with computers.

Types of Lighting.

List of types with comparison chart. See also related articles.

Reports/Articles Etc. Related to Lighting

There are concerns beyond just the lighting itself. Energy efficiency and disposal are just two of them.

All About Energy Efficient Lighting from Bulbs to Lumens.

"This information is based on material produced for the U.S. Department of Energy by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, December 1995."

Cleaning up a Broken CFL. United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Climate Impacts of Kerosene Lamps Used in Developing Countries. Jeffrey Stumpf. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. January 2013.

Commercial & Industrial Lighting LED Retrofits for Troffers. Bonneville Power Administration. May 2013.

Energy Efficient Lighting.

LED Replacement Lamps: Response to California Energy Commission 2013 Pre-Rulemaking Appliance Efficiency Invitation to Participate Docket Number: 12-AAER-2B; Lighting May 9, 2013

Mercury Lights Program. © Washington State Department of Ecology.

Performance of Incandescent A-Type and Decorative Lamps and LED Replacements. RD Lingard, MA Myer, and ML Paget. Prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Califper Benchmark Report November 2008.

Recycling Mercury-Containing Light Bulbs (Lamps). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. See also How to Establish a Recycling Program for Mercury-Containing Light Bulbs.

Types of Lighting: Incandescent Bulbs. Sarma V. Pisupati. EGEE 102 Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection. Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering. Penn State.

See also Fluorescent Bulbs; High-Intensity Discharge; and Low-Pressure Sodium. There are other Lighting topics covered in Lesson 6 (see left side menu).

Lighting for the Elderly and/or People with Low Vision

Articles/Brochures/Pamphlets. This is just a small sampling of what is available.

24-Hr Lighting Scheme for Older Adults. Mariana G. Figueiro. AIA Report on University Research Volume 5. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Lighting Research Center.

"The Difference among Generations in Evaluating Interior Lighting Environment." Naoyuki Oi. Journal of Physiological Anthropology and Applied Human Science 24.1 (2005): 87-91. Available Online DGEILE

"Effects of LED Lighting Characteristics on Visual Performance of Elderly People." Misako Yamagishi et al. Gerontechnology 7.2 (2008).

Elder-Friendly Design Interventions: . . .. Tamara Dvorsky and Joseph Pettipas. Implications 2.7: 1-5. InformeDesign. University of Minnesota. [Page 3 has pertinent paragraph on Low Lighting/Glare.].

Lighting. Lighting and Vision. Center of Design for an Aging Society.

Lighting, Low Vision & Building Codes. Robert Dupuy, Greg Guarnaccia, and Eunice Noell-Waggoner. Presented at the National Institute of Building Sciences Low Vision Design Committee Symposium. January 10, 2013.

Lighting the Way: A Key to Independence. Mariana G. Figueiro. Lighting Research Center and AARP Andrus Foundation.

Providing Lighting for Older Clients. Glenda Gilmore. American Society of Interior Designers.

"Seeking a Light Approach to Elderly Sleep Troubles." Sarah Rubenstein. Wall Street Journal July 15, 2009.

"Therapeutic Lighting Design for the Elderly: A Review." Shariful Shikder. Perspectives in Public Health 132.6 (2012): 282-91. Available Online TLDER

Lamp Manufacturers

General Electric.

Scroll down in the Products menu to see items on Lighting for Business and Lighting for Consumers. Section on Incandescent Light Bulb Law. Online Product Catalog for consumers.


Products divided by category. "Over 3000 SYLVANIA and OSRAM products are available." Items under the Applications menu cover specific topics in more depth.


Separate sections for consumers and professionals. Fixtures are divided by room, type, style, features, and technology. Under Professionals there a Webinars on lighting ("Lighting University") and online courses (registration required). Consumer section of site slow and clunky on day examined.

Fixture Manufacturers

Columbia Lighting.

Full line fluorescent including parabolics/lensed troffers. Resources section has links to information and other Web sites with related/relevant material.


Philips. Multiple product lines. Downloadable lighting catalog with detailed information on lamps and lenses (PDF, 7th edition is 1521 pages and 130MB) or download individual PDFs. Online lessons on lighting (registration required). You may need to use your browser's View-->Go to get back to this page.


Recessed down lights, surface, light track fixtures etc. Arranged by type, including a category for retrofit. Instruction sheets are available online in PDF under Resources menu.


LED lighting solutions and lighting management.


Lighting & Related Associations & Research Centers

American Institute of Architects.

The first issue of their Research & Design Quarterly (1978) found under Practicing Architecture, Architectural Research featured solar architecture. The main article is on pages 10-27, but there is more in the issue on solar design.

American Lighting Association.

Find retail showrooms and Certified Lighting Consultants.

American Society of Interior Designers.

Knowledge Center menu has information on Aging & Accessibility, Ssustainable Design, Case Studies, Research Resources, and Book Center.

Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).

Sells publications (PDF and print) on lighting topics. Under the Education menu there are "100 Significant Papers," of interest available online. Overall date range is 1906 to 1999. For example, nine have to do with applications dated from 1907 to 1974. Articles have diagrams and more. Topic covered include calculations, color, controls and economics, daylighting, glare, human factors, light sources, and more. Five chapter online course "Discover Lighting" is available to members and non-members alike (chapter six is exam), email and password required. Clicking on chapter numbers provides an overview.

International Association of Lighting Designers.

Choose from multiple languages. Menu of "About Lighting Design" includes assorted topics in brief, such as "Benefits of Good Lighting." Unfortunately the IALD didn't study the benefits of good Web page design and it is a bit difficult to read the text.

International Dark-Sky Association.

Offers brochures in multiple languages about light pollution impact on: wildlife, energy, safety, and human health.

Lighting Controls Association.

Covers a multitude of topics: Bilevel Switching; Commissioning; Construction and Economy; Daylight; Harvesting; Demand Response; Design; Digital Control; Dimming; Education and Tools; Energy Codes; Fluorescent Control; Fundamentals; HID Control; Integration; LED Control; LEED/Sustainability; Market Research; Occupancy Sensors; Personal Control; Research Studies; Rules and Regulations; Standards; Utility Rebates/Incentives; and Wireless Control. Offers free online education (registration is required).

Lighting Research Center. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Offers workshops, educational programs (some online) and more that cover lighting topics including terminology, technology, and residential lighting. "The Lighting Research Center is the world's leading university-based research and education organization devoted to lighting—from technologies to applications and energy use, from design to health and vision."

National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions.

"Here you can find information on the certification examination, search for a Lighting Certified (LC) Professional, read about lighting careers and much more."

National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors, Inc.

Resources section has information on various lighting topics.

National Lighting Bureau (NLB).

NLB "is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1976 to educate lighting decision-makers about the benefits of High-Benefit Lighting®." Online articles of case studies and examples available for free. NLB didn't study Web design; color contrast of dark yellow (light orange?) text on a white background is difficult to read.

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Includes information on "LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design." LEED covers more than lighting, but energy-efficient lighting is one aspect of it.

Lighting Designers

James Benya (Benya Lighting Design). Oregon.

"Downloads of Papers and Presentations" has news and presentation downloads on lighting topics.

Gary Steffy (Gary Steffy Lighting Design Inc.). Michigan.

About, design services, and examples of projects by category (under Portfolio).

Clanton & Associates. Colorado.

Lighting design services, with specific foci listed.

Local Light Stores

The Light Center. Fort Collins.

Has online videos from the American Lighting Association with essential lighting tips.

Lighting Designs & More. Loveland.

Has link to over 15 manufacturer Web sites.

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