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It is key that you use a variety of keywords when searching databases. Remember, you are trying to examine corrections from a global perspective. 

The country that you are examining will be a good search term. 



social control

Innovative programming in prisons, jails, corrections

Alternatives to incarceration

Community corrections

Conditions of prisons or jails

Women in prison

Juvenile corrections

Duties of correctional officers

Most common kinds of crimes

The punishment/handling of a particular kind of crime (for example, drug crime)

Punishment of organized crime

Public sentiment towards punishment

Public sentiment towards a particular crime

Past public debates about punishment (for example, what we should do about the death penalty)

Inequality in punishment

Violations of prisoners’ rights

Reentry issues

Current debates about punishment (policy, incarceration, juveniles, etc…) that the country is engaging with

International intervention in state crime and punishment

Illegal immigration

Health issues of incarcerated

Sociology Research Databases

These are some of the core E-Resources & Databases for Sociology that you have access to through CSU. Use them to help track down articles about your topic.

Look for the FindIt Button to access articles button to help you get to the full-text of articles. 

Popular sources

Information from: government websites from the country itself, websites from reputable organizations, feature articles from reputable magazines or newspapers, mainstream radio or TV broadcasts

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