Industry Research

Guide to locating industry information

Identify the Industry

Consider whether you need information on the broad sector level, such as manufacturing, wholesale, retail, etc. or more narrow niche level such as the battery industry.  You may consider looking at NAICS or SIC codes (see yellow tab above) and figuring out which best describes your industry.  Having these codes may aid in your research. 

Finding information at the sector level will be much easier than on a niche level.  For instance, information about the recreation industry in general may be easier to find than on the snowboard industry.  


Information may be gathered from a variety of places. 

  • Industry reports
  • Articles about the industry
  • Government reports and statistics
  • Industry ratios
  • Financial analyst reports
  • Trade associations

These can be found in...

  • Library databases and print resources
  • Internet - government websites and trade associations

Where to start looking:

  • Look in the Library database list to identify potentially useful business databases
  • Look to the yellow "industry resources" tab above for a list of industry-specific resources
  • Look in the library catalog for resources on your industry
  • Consider searching in non-business databases for information (i.e., cheese industry - perhaps look in Ag databases)

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