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Anti-plagiarism software available to CSU faculty.


iThenticate is the anti-plagiarism software that is currently used by NSF, and it claims to be the “world’s largest comparison of scholarly and professional content.” This software is an optional tool now made available for CSU faculty to check their own draft proposals and manuscripts prior to submission, to guard themselves against potential future claims of plagiarism or self-plagiarism.

Access iThenticate

Running proposals and other scholarly works through iThenticate is optional.
All results are private for the end user, and no one from CSU will be screening the results.

iThenticate Accounts

Most faculty have been sent an email with their login information.


Appropriate Use of iThenticate


The CSU subscription to iThenticate authorizes a limited number of submissions; we therefore ask that faculty be judicious in using these services. The intent of the CSU subscription is to allow access to a tool that would only be used by faculty who are authors or co-authors on the uploaded work; that the work be in a draft stage and not yet submitted. It is appropriate for faculty to use iThenticate to check research theses and dissertations.

It is not appropriate to use iThenticate to check student coursework; rather, faculty are encouraged to use the Academic Integrity resources such as Turnitin available through TILT. We expect that administrators will only submit draft works for which they bear institutional authority and with the consent of the author.


iThenticate User Manual

The iThenticate User Manual Version is available online.  For additional technical assistance, contact iThenticate/Turnitin Support Helpdesk by emailing