JTC411 - Media Ethics & Issues

Course description: Professional ethics, issues of media performance and of the relation of media systems to the social systems.

Introduction to Media Ethics & Issues Research

Students in this course will need to be able to find, read, and evaluate news items, opinion pieces (editorials), promotion, public relations, and marketing materials, and do academic research. Anyone doing research in the area of media ethics should find this guide useful.

News items are found in on the Web, on the radio, television, in newspapers, and in weekly or monthly magazines (many of the more traditional publications now publish information on the Web; see, for instance, Newspapers and Late Breaking News (Web Sites)).

Editorials are found in newspapers, magazines, and journals (that is so say, in most periodicals).

Topics of probable interest include:

Use the different tabs to find out about different kinds of resources that support research for the course.

If you need any additional research help, do not hesitate to contact your librarian (contact information found in the right-hand box). Please include dates and times you are available in your message.


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