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Access SciFinder-n

SciFinder-n access is restricted to current Colorado State University faculty, staff, and students.
Accounts that are not associated with a current CSU affiliate will be deleted.

Registration is required for first-time users.

Access SciFinder-n

NOTE: CSU's SciFinder-n subscription may NOT be used for patentability research or for commercial research that is performed under a funding or consultant contract with the intention of delivering results to a for-profit organization.

For information about obtaining SciFinder-n for commercial research, please contact the CAS Customer Center.

Register for SciFinder-n (Required for first-time users)

ALL first-time users of SciFinder-n must register and create a user name and password before accessing the database. Registration is restricted to current Colorado State University faculty, staff, and students and requires:

  • A Colorado State University netID and password
    • The netID system is Colorado State University's official electronic ID system. Visit the NetID information page for details.
  • A valid e-mail address
    • Example:,, etc.

When registering, you must agree to use CSU’s SciFinder-n subscription for educational purposes only. Commercial research, including patentability research or any research performed with the intent to deliver results to a for-profit organization, is strictly prohibited.

Violations of these terms may result in Colorado State University losing SciFinder access.

Register for SciFinder-n

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