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Choosing Keywords

Talk to someone about your topic and as you're talking, have them record the who, what, when, where, why and how of your topic. All of the things they write down can potentially become search terms for you. 

Brainstorming keywords can save time when trying to perform search. For example, the topic of reasons why people do or don't seek help will be easier to explore if you stop and speculate on what some of the reasons may be. 

Although it's a cliche, think outside the box. Are other types of advocacy groups doing something innovative that could be incorporated into this arena?

Instruction Request

Community Dynamics and Development

The students are all working on a research project for the Sexual Assault Victims Advocate CenterThey will be helping the agency improve their outreach efforts.

The groups need to do a literature review as part of their research.  I'd like them to learn to search for relevant academic articles.

These are the various topics they might be searching for: 

  • how people access counseling and mental health services
  • inter-agency referrals and collaboration
  • reasons SA survivors don't seek help, reasons they do seek help

Databases to be covered:


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