Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Textbooks

A guide to textbooks used for the veterinary program 2020-2021.

Welcome!  We're so glad you're here. 

A few things you should know: 

  • Some books are only available in print at the VTH Library (inconvenient - I know). Sometimes we are not able to purchase e-book versions of these books. 
  • Books that are available as e-books will have E-BOOK in the notes under the book information.
  • Click on the book title to see how to access the e-book or request the print book. 
    • For e-books, there will be a blue link under "Full Text Available At" in the book page
    • For print books, there will be a "Request" button and a call number (this tells you where the book is on the shelf). You can request that we pull the book for you or you can come in and find it yourself. 
  • Your instructor can request for chapters to be scanned and made available in the e-reserves system by submitting a request: E-Reserves.

If you have any questions, recommendations for books for us to buy, or trouble accessing anything, let us know! You can email Sheri McCaskill ( and we'll get it sorted out. 

VM 610 Foundations

VM 616 - Functional Anatomy

VM 618 - Physiology & Histology

VM 606 - Immunology

VM 625 - Principles of Diagnostic Imaging

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