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EZ Proxy - how does it work?


What is EZProxy?

EZProxy is the means by CSU affiliates can access databases, journals, and eBooks from off-campus using your eID and ePassword.  When on-campus, the resource will see the request come through a campus IP address and know that the user has permission to use the resource. But, since our databases and journals are only licensed to CSU students, faculty, and staff, the resource has to know that an off-campus user is licensed to access the product and EzProxy is the key to that process.


How does EZProxy Work?

From off campus, EZProxy makes this authentication process simple - logging in with your eID and ePassword runs your request through our proxy server so that the resources will see a campus IP address when the resource is accessed.  When doing research from off-campus, you should only have to login once unless you close your browser or clear your cookies - after logging in to EZProxy, the library website should treat you as though you were on campus.


Follow the tabs at the top of the page to learn about logging in to EZProxy from off-campus.