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This guide has links to resources for doing literary research. Some give general research advice and others are specific to an author or subject.

Edgar Allan Poe

This page has information to help researchers find materials related to the American author Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849.

Books                    Articles (includes tips for searching MLA online)             Web                    Related Materials


Books are a key resource for literary research. Books by and about Edgar Allan Poe can be found in Morgan Library between call numbers PS 2600 and PS 2645 (over 5 shelves of books). They are located in the lower level (basement) of the building.

Locate individual tales by doing a title search in the library catalog (for works in anthologies or compilations from the past ten years and selected older titles):

Cask of Amontillado
Tell-Tale Heart
City in the Sea

Note: this search also picks up materials about the story or poem.

  • The Concordance to the Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe PS2645 .W55 1989 Morgan is a useful resource for identifying specific words in Poe's poetry.
  • Edgar Allan Poe A to Z. PS 2630 .S68 2001 Reference is another useful book.


For literature, and therefore the Poe, there are three online indexes that provide the most sources for research on the author and her works. The indexes are MLA Bibliography, Academic Search Premier, and Project Muse. In print Humanities Index is useful.

  • Search the MLA Bibliography for articles, book chapters, etc. After finding a citation, use the FindIt@CSU to see if the library has an electronic version of journal articles; from the screen there is often a link to check the library catalog to see if CSU owns the journal or book.

    To find resources about Poe, search MLA for:

    Poe, Edgar Allan SA Primary Subject

There are many entries on Edgar Allan Poe in MLA.

You can narrow your search by publication type by selecting your choice from the left hand side of the screen:

Source Types For example, select Academic Journals and the displayed entries change to that category only. 

You can limit your search by publication type from the initial search screen by clicking on Advanced Search . Publication types are: Book; Book Article/Chapter; Book Collection; Dissertation Abstract; Journal Article; Website. The left example below shows a search limited to journal articles. You can also exclude dissertations from a general search.

Publication Type Journal Article

Exclude Dissertations with box checked

You can also limit your search by language of the article by scrolling and selecting your choice:

Language English or Eng In this case, limiting "Poe, Edgar Allan" to journal articles in English retrieves over 2090 articles. You may select more than one language; just use the Ctrl key to choose languages that are not sequential:Language German or Ger Greek (finds over 45 articles)

Once you set limits, they will stay as long as you do new searches in the main search box. If you return to  it erases your previous limits, so if you intend to add something new, you will need to remember to repeat your earlier limits.

Because there are so many records, narrow your search by topic. For example:

Poe, Edgar Allan ANd stylenarrows the number of items. "Poe, Edgar Allan" in Subject and "short story" in Default Fields brings up 886 records (552 if limited to journal articles in English). Always look at the full record of any source of interest. It will help you identify terms that will be useful for finding additional sources:

General Subject Areas and Subject term for Poe entry

If you are interested in one story in particular, click on the hyperlink or do a new subject search for it. (There are 132 English language article records for "The Fall of the House of Usher " in MLA online (1963- ). )

After you have done a search you may limit it in a few ways:

Limit to options (full text, exclude dissertations, scholarly jornals, publication date The full text limiter in not generally recommended in MLA, because there can be so few results, and FindIt@CSU makes it so easy to see if something is full text in another CSU database. Excluding dissertations or filtering by publication date can be very useful though. Just slide the bar over to get the years you want and update the results: 1904 Publication Date 2017 ; the slide will reconfigure itself: 1988 Publication Date 2017


Search History

The "Search History" shows you your earlier searches. Click on the box in the column to the left of the search you want to repeat or combine (with AND or OR) and click on the button that suits your needs: "Search with AND", "Search with OR"). After this search you can add additional terms in the same or other search boxes. Search history/alerts, will continue to display until you click on it again (difference is direction of arrow to left of the words).

Search History with searches

You may also set up an RSS feed, by clicking on the RSS feed image to receive notification when there are new items for that particular search in the database.

Academic Search Premier

To eliminate the book reviews from your search, do a people search for Edgar Allan Poe not books-reviews (PE Edgar Allan Poe NOT SU books-reviews). Same software as MLA above. There are over 560 records on Poe in Academic Search Premier. Some of the records are for a more general audience than MLA, and may be very useful. You can also limit your results, under "search options," to scholarly articles (over 390) (this option is not found in MLA--generally speaking, everything in MLA is scholarly).

Limit to with scholarly journals box checked

Humanities Index (AI 3 .I495 Reference South 1974-98; online 1984- ). Online (different publisher, similar subject coverage): Humanties International Index Varies. 

Over 910 articles about or mention Edgar Allan Poe and his works/influence in the online database; in over 500 he is mentioned as a subject.  Subject Terms: POE, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849


Note: some of the Web sites linked to on this page won't let you go "back" with your browser's back button. Use Netscape's "Go" drop down menu or Internet Explorer's View-->drop down menu (select Go To) to return to this page when your back arrow doesn't work.

Also, some of these and the items in the next sections have excessive pop-up and/or pop-back advertisements attached.

In all cases, be sure to evaluate what you find, no matter the source: book, article, Web page.

The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe. University of Washington Eserver. 

Alphabetical by title. Includes date written.

The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore

General Topics About Poe; The Works of Edgar Allan Poe; A Selection of Lectures and Articles on Poe; Articles from Poe Studies / Dark Romanticism, more. While parts of this site are still under construction, it is quite extensive and explores such ponderables as "Allan" or "Allen"?

Poe Museum. Richmond, Virginia. 

Has information about the museum, Poe's life, selected works (six titles full text), etc.

A Poe Webliography: Edgar Allan Poe on the Internet. Heyward Ehrlich. 

"A critical guide to electronic resources for Poe research on the World Wide Web and CD-ROM, including electronic texts, HTML-encoded texts, hypertexts, secondary works, commentaries, and indexes." Extensive. Links kept up-to-date.

Edgar Allan Poe Search Results Library Catalog . University of Virginia. 

Items in the University of Virginia Library's regular and special collections. Catalog results to HathiTrust should be viewable by CSU affiliates. Look up other titles in CSU's Library Catalog and Prospector.

Poe Decoder. Christoffer Nilsson. 

Six essays (all by the same author, David Grantz) available on the Web. Background image of Poe, albeit somewhat faded, makes essays difficult to read. To get a clean background in Netscape, go to Edit --> Preferences --> Colors and check the box for "Always use my colors, >overriding document." In Internet Explorer go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Accessibility [button] and check box for "Ignore colors specified on Web pages."

Poe, Edgar Allan 1809-1849, Writer. J. Lasley Dameron, Memphis State University. © Academic Affairs Library, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 

Brief, but informative biography of Poe.

Poe, Edgar Allan. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001. 

Brief, but informative biography of Poe that includes an assessment of his work.

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site. National Park Service. 

Maps, image of house, calendar of events, etc. Philadelphia, Pa.

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature. Vol. 16 Early National Literature. Bartleby.com. 

Scroll down to section XIV on Poe (by Killis Campbell, Ph.D., Professor of English in the University of Texas). Sections: 1.Youth; 2.Education; 3.Tamerlane and Other Poems; 4.West Point; 5.Baltimore; 6.The Southern Literary Messenger; 7.Philadelphia; 8.New York; The Raven; The Broadway Journal; 9.Later Misfortunes; 10.Character; 11.Poe as Critic; 12.His Creed and Practice of Poetry; 13.Tales; Bibliography (last section biography and criticism).

Specific Stories Discussed/Analyzed

It is recommended that sources from reputable journals be used as much as possible. That said, these pages look useful.

Poe, "The Cask of Amontillado" (1846). David S. Miall. University of Alberta. 

Discusses plot and structure of the story.

Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado." Poe Decoder. Martha Womack. 

Summary of the story; Setting; Characters; Point of View; Style and Interpretation; Theme; Related Information; Works Cited.

Related Materials on the Web

Links to short stories in full text. These can be useful for comparison with Poe's works.

Short Stories: East of the Web. © East of the Web and contributors 2000-2001. 

Full text of short stories grouped by type: fiction, sci-fi & fantasy, hyperfiction, horror, romance, humour, non-fiction, crime, and children.


See also MiltonChaucerPoeO'ConnorWilliam Carlos Williams & Wallace StevensDickinson & WrightFaulkner, and Shakespeare.


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