Native Education Forum (NEF)

Research help for Native Education Forum pre-collegiate students.

About the Forum

The Native Education Forum is a five day summer program for rising high school juniors and seniors. Students will gain university classroom experience, earn one academic credit, research issues critical to Native American/Indigenous communities, and get valuable assistance from professionals in the university application process.  While on campus, students will have the chance to interact with university faculty, staff and currently enrolled students as they discuss and evaluate important issues that affect indigenous communities.

Program Highlights

  • Explore Native American/Indigenous issues
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Work with CSU faculty, staff and students
  • Live and work for five days on a university campus
  • Strengthen your college/university application
  • Improve your academic research skills
  • Earn one college credit
  • Students who participate in the 2013 Native Education Forum and are admitted as freshmen to Colorado State University with a high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and meet specific course requirements may be eligible to receive the Partnership Award. Funds for this award are disbursed over four years of continuous enrollment at Colorado State University.

Final Group Projects

Descriptive essay (5 pages)
PowerPoint will include:
1. A minimum of 5 pictures
2. Include animation on at least one slide
3. Must have a link to a youtube video (short3-5 minutes)
4. Must use keywords and phrases- not sentences
5. Use slides to guide your presentation not give it
6. Keep plenty of “white space” on your slides
7. 25-30 slides
PowerPoint Format
1. Title page
2. Introduction (why this topic was chosen?)
3. Background information of the topic
4. Body – slides that describe Natives’ experience with this topic
5. Conclusion about the information presented
6. What now--- What would your group like to see happened about this issue, any recommendations?


  • Native Americans and Education
  • Native Americans and Health: Health Disparities and Community Programs
  • Native Americans and Society: Stereotypes and Realities


For additional information about Native Education Forum, contact the CSU Office of Admissions at 970-491-6909.  For assistance with library resources, contact Jimena Sagas at 970-491-5422.


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  • Citations/references
  • Information creation tools
  • Information literacy instruction
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