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Colorado Agriculture Bibliography

Colorado’s contribution to the Preserving the History of United States Agriculture and Rural Life Project, directing you to information about Colorado's agricultural and rural past.


Contributors to the Colorado Bibliography Project

This project was made possible with the help and expertise of many people. We thank you for your time, talent, and commitment to this major historical and literary endeavor.

Contributors are listed in alphabetical order.

Colorado State University Libraries

  • Don Albrecht
  • Lisa Aoyama
  • Kathy Bacon
  • Carmel Bush
  • Nancy Chaffin Hunter
  • Jessie Council 
  • Cathy Cranston
  • Anna DeMiller
  • Doug Ernest
  • Judea Frank 
  • Brian Gilbert
  • Eric Hokanson
  • Sari Keilman
  • Holley Lange
  • Allison Level
  • Michelle Mach
  • Linda Meyer
  • Tom Moothart
  • Bev Nelson
  • Dennis Ogg
  • Lori Oling
  • Ruby Olsen
  • Patty Rettig
  • Sierra Standish
  • Connie Succo
  • Pat VanDeventer
  • Greg Vogl
  • Shan Watkins
  • Lindsey Wess
  • Abbey Winterbower
Winners 1921 Colorado Agricultural College Livestock Club HS Stock Judging Contest
Winners of high school stock judging contest, 1921.
"C.A.C." stands for Colorado Agricultural College.
Colorado State University Libraries, Archives and Special Collections,
Historical Photographs Collection.

Colorado State University

  • Jerry Eckert
  • Mark Fiege
  • Jim Hansen
  • Carol Marander

Museum of Western Colorado

  • Judy A. Prosser-Armstrong

Other Universities and Institutions

  • Connie Britton, Ohio State University 
  • Anne Hanlon and Deena Adelman, University of Maryland
  • Charles Kolb, National Endowment for the Humanities 
  • Stephanie Lamson, University of Washington 
  • Heather Moberly and Vicki Phillips, Oklahoma State University
  • Joy Paulson and Mary Ochs, Cornell University
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