Political Science

A guide to political science research at CSU Libraries.


These are some of the core databases for Political Science that you have access to through CSU. Use them to help you track down articles about your topic.

Look for the FindIt Button to access articles button to help you get to the full-text of articles (Off-campus access information).

Basic mechanics for making efficient search statements

Core principles for creating efficient search statements that are applicable in virtually any database.

And Or Not
Each result contains all search terms. Each result contains at least one search term. Results do not contain the specified terms.
The search heart and lung finds items that contain both heart andlung. The search heart or lung finds items that contain either heart or items that containlung. The search heart not lung finds items that contain heart but do not containlung.


  • Wildcard (#): The “#” replaces any extra characters that may appear in alternative spellings. For example, “colo#r” finds both color and colour.
  • Wildcard (?): The “?” replaces one character, for example “ne?t” finds neat, nest, or next, but will not find net.
  • Truncation (*): The “*” replaces any number of characters and will find all forms of a word root, for example, “therap*” finds therapy, therapies, therapist, therapists, therapeutic, therapeutically, etc.

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