What can an embedded librarian do in Canvas?

The Librarian role in Canvas can create resource pages, tutorials, and quizzes for your class. This means that a librarian can collaborate with you to create the best resources to assist your students with using the library for their research.  Librarians will not be able to see class discussions or grades, so your students' privacy is not compromised.

Embedding a Librarian in Canvas

Before adding a librarian, be sure to contact them to discuss the content you would like to be created in Canvas.

  1. From your Canvas course homepage, click on "People" from the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the "+People" button.
  3. Enter the librarian's email address.
  4. Choose "Librarian" from the Role dropdown menu
  5. Click "Next," and the librarian will receive an invitation to your course.

Screenshot showing the process of adding a librarian to a Canvas course

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