Learn about finding and using eBooks at CSU Libraries

Identifying eBooks in the Library Catalog

eBooks are mixed in with other types of materials in the CSU Libraries catalog (also known as Primo).  They are identified with a note that says "Online access" as in the example below.

Catalog record with the words "Online Access" beneath the title and author information.

Limiting a Catalog Search to eBooks

You can narrow down a search in the catalog to look for only eBooks.

  1. Type keywords into the search box and run the search
  2. Choose "Online at Morgan Library" and "Books/eBooks" from the menu on the left of the results page (circled in the screenshot below)

Screenshot of catalog menu with options to narrow down results

NOTE:  A search in the catalog only looks for keywords in the catalog record (author, title, etc), not in the text of the book.

Searching within eBook Collections

To find chapters or specific sections of eBooks that relate to your topic, you can search within an eBook collection.

Each of the collections below looks slightly different, but each has a search interface that lets you find keywords within the text.

Your Librarians

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24/7 Library Help

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