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SPCM200: Public Speaking

Library research support for SPCM200 students.

Know what you're looking for

Your goal is to find high-quality articles, so you're searching for scholarly, or peer-reviewed, articles.

Peer-reviewed articles are written by scholars and experts in their fields. Here's a quick overview of the peer review process:

Types of publications


Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Publications

  Scholarly/academic Trade Popular
Purpose: To share original research To inform, share ideas, or sell something To inform, persuade, or entertain
Written for: Researchers, scholars, and professionals People in the business/trade or hobbyists General public
Written by: Researchers or scholars Experts or professionals Journalists or freelance writers
Published in:

Scholarly journals

Ex: Journal of Social Psychology
Ex: Nutrition & Dietetics

Trade journals

Ex: Education Digest
Ex: National Hog Farmer

Newspapers or magazines

Ex: The New York Times
Ex: National Geographic

Reviewed by: Unpaid peers (other researchers or scholars in the same field) Professional/Paid Editors Professional/Paid Editors
Language used: Academic or technical language; jargon Some jargon, more everyday language Plain, everyday language
Length: Long, detailed Brief, accessible Brief, accessible
Notable features: Extensive bibliographies, references, or footnotes References/mentions in text or short bibliographies, advertisements (typically trade-related) Photos, images, advertisements


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