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Maximizing Your Web of Science Research


Web of Science is a powerful research database with new enhancements to the searching and citation reporting capabilities.

The handouts linked to the left will provide you with information on how to harness the full potential of Web of Science to support your research needs and articulate your academic achievements. The handouts cover how to create  citation reports, calculate your H-index, analyze research trends, establish RSS feeds, and more.

For more information about these handouts or the new Web of Science, contact Michelle Wilde.

Acuna-Allesina-Kording Citation Formula

In late September there was a new citation metric discussed in Nature. The Acuna-Allesina-Kording formula builds on the h-index.

Future impact: Predicting scientific success
Daniel E. Acuna,,Stefano Allesina & Konrad P. Kording
Nature 489,201–202(13 September 2012)doi:10.1038/489201a (link works for CSU)

DOI 10.1038/489201a

New Formula Beats Citation Index and Can Predict Success, 3 scientists say


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