JTC361-Writing for Specialized Magazines

A research guide to support coursework in JTC-361 Writing for Specialized Magazines

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Hello! My name is Jimena. CSU Libraries offers a wide range of resources to support and enrich your academic success. I am your guide as you navigate through the world of libraries to complete your proposal for JTC 361 Writing for Specialized Magazines and feed your intellectual curiosity. You can contact me at any point in your research process to help you get started, if you get stuck, or if you are in need of new ideas.


I can assist you to:

identify your scope

conduct better searches in our databases

search for specialized magazines

evaluate magazines

understand your research assignments

find creative resources for your project


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Jimena Sagàs

Chat Hours: Mondays 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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  • Finding articles, books, & more
  • Citations/references
  • Information creation tools
  • Information literacy instruction
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