HIST 476: History of America's National Parks

Locating Primary Sources in the Libraries Catalog

To locate primary sources in CSU Libraries, please use advanced search feature of the Libraries' catalog. In the first box, type in your topic. Remember, start broad and then narrow your search depending on your results. For example, if you were looking for primary sources related to the "National Parks," simply type the keywords in the first box next to "keyword." Then change the dropdown option in the second box to "sources" or something similar (diaries, letters, speeches, etc.) and click search. 

Your results list will be limited to resources are primary sources or have primary sources in them. For example, the first result on the imagine below is a collection of primary sources. 

CSU Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

The University Archive and Special Collections at CSU Libraries provide users with a plethora pf primary source materials.

The University Archive at CSU Libraries serves as institutional memory of CSU, and collects official copies of historically significant university records, faculty papers, photograph collections, and other materials documenting university history. Click here to explore the University Archive.

Our Special Collections Unit has more than 20,000 items from antiquities to the 21st century. Subject strengths include Vietnam War literature, feminist presses, equine medicine, water, agriculture, and other topical categories. Click here to explore Special Collections. 

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