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VM611 - Foundations of Veterinary Medicine

Evaluating Websites

There are many different models for evaluating websites.

The CRAAP test, which stands for Currency, Relevance, Authority,Accuracy, Purpose, is a list of criteria/questions that you should keep in mind as you evaluate a book, article or website. 






  • Who wrote the page?
  • Who published the document?
  • Is the person qualified to write the document?
  • Does the author provide an email or contact address/phone number?
  • What credentials are listed for the author(s)?
  • Is the author an organization rather than a person?



  •  What is the purpose of the document?  Is it designed to persuade? To educate? To entertain?
  • What goals or objectives does this page meet?
  • What opinions are expressed by the author? 



  •  Where does the document originate? (Check the domain name)
    • .edu - Educational
    • .com - Commercial
    • .gov - Government
    • .net - Internet Service Provider
    • ~ often indicates a personal page 



  • When was the page originally produced?
  • When was it last updated?
  • How up-to-date are the links? 


  • Why was the page created? Is it designed to persuade? To educate? To entertain?
  • What opinions are expressed by the author?
  • Is the page a mask for advertising? Is it meant to be a practical joke?
  • View any Web page as you would an infomercial on television - figure out who the page was written for and why 


  •  Can you get in?
  • Does the site load quickly?
  • Can you move around the site easily?
  • Is the site or page still there next time?
  • Is there a text-only alternative for the visually-impaired?
  • Is the source of the information clearly cited?
  • Does the page require any special software or subscription to view?
  • Are there a lot of spelling errors on the page?
  • If there are advertisments, do the interfere with your ability to use the page? 


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