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Because CO300 classes have such a wide array of topics and majors, there are many different resources that can be used for research. Below, you will find specific categories, such as newspaper resources and general databases. Also refer to the Finding Resources for Your Subject tab for how to locate materials for your major/discipline. In general, however, here are some good places to start (and the resources we typically review in CO300 library sessions):

Article Databases

Use these Research Databases to help you track down articles about your topic.

Look for the FindIt Button to access articles button to help you get to the full-text of articles. 

Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Publications



Here are the basic things to look for when trying to determine if you're looking at a scholarly or a popular publication: 

Scholarly Journals

  • Written by and for experts; authoritative
  • Evaluated by experts; peer-reviewed or refereed
  • Include bibliographies and/or footnotes
  • Lengthy articles that contain specialized language
  • Example: Journal of Social Psychology

Popular publications

  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Written by journalists; reviewed by editors
  • Written for a broad audience
  • Brief articles that use non-technical language
  • Contain advertisements, photos, flashy covers
  • Examples: Time or Newsweek or The New York Times

If, after examining a publication for these features, you still can't tell if it's scholarly/peer-reviewed, search Ulrich's Web (Periodicals Directory) for the publication title.


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