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Finding Your Subject Guide

CSU librarians have put together guides for doing research in each subject at CSU. If you are having any trouble finding resources in your subject area, check out your research guide. To get to it, click on the "Research Guides" link under the default search box on the main page:

Location of the Research Guide link on the main page. Once you open the Research Guides list, you will see all the subject areas studied at CSU. Click on your major (or another topic of interest to you) and then open the relevant guide. You will see page with resources for that subject area. Review the resources and let a librarian know if you have questions.

Finding Databases for Your Subject

CSU has hundreds of different searchable resources, and it can be difficult to locate the best ones for your topic. To see our complete list of databases, click on the "A-Z Database List" under the default search box.

Shows the location of the A-Z Database List on the main page.

On the A-Z Database List page, there are two ways to get to the database you want. If you happen to know the name of the database, you can use the alphabetic list (in the middle of the page) to select the relevant letter, then scroll down to find the name of the database. If you aren't sure which database to start with, you can search by subject using the "All Subjects" drop-down menu.

This image shows the location of the "All Subjects" drop-down.

Once you select a subject, you will see a list of possible databases. If relevant, the most popular or useful will be marked at the top with the label "Best Bets." Reach out to a librarian if you have any trouble searching the database, since search strategies can vary by which resource you are using.


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