Coding and Cookies

Automating data cleaning and analysis using R.

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  1. Researchers are producing more data than ever before.
  2. It's literally impossible to analyze all of these data by hand.
  3. Research is really repetitive
  4. Automating data processing and analysis will streamline your research

The Coding and Cookies series will teach you the basics of how to use R programming and version control using git to make your research more efficient and reproducible. 

Coding & Cookies is offered in collaboration with the Department of Statistics. After adapting our approach to support online learning in 2020, we will continue to use a flipped classroom format in Spring 2022. Attendees will be expected to watch a recorded video and follow along with the exercises presented before attending the live workshops, which will be hybrid sessions offered both online via Zoom and in person in Morgan Library. At the synchronous sessions, we will review key concepts and work through additional examples and questions, with individual help available. Learning materials will continue to be made publicly available on this guide (see links to the left). If sessions are full, interested students are encouraged to watch the videos and get in touch with the instructors for follow-up questions. 

Sessions will be led by experienced statistics graduate students and facilitated by Mara Sedlins, PhD, Data Management Specialist at the CSU Libraries, and Julia Sharp, Associate Professor of Statistics and Director of the Graybill Statistics and Data Science Laboratory.  

Spring 2022 Workshops and Schedule coming soon!


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