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Distance Learners

Help for distance learners accessing to library resources

Before you begin

Course registration establishes you in the Libraries' system as an active CSU student.

You will generally need to have active registration in at least 1 CSU course credit before
setting up any library accounts.

You will also need to know your CSUID - a set of 9 numbers that begins with 8.

If you already have a Ram Card, you can find your CSUID next to the barcode.

Ram Card

If you are new to CSU and do not know your CSUID, contact the Registrar's office at (970) 491-4860.

If you've forgotten your CSUID but have already set up and know your electronic identity (eID), you can login
to RamWeb and look up your CSUID under the MyAccount tab. 

Need Help?

Want help setting up your library accounts or working from a distance?

Contact AskUs and we'll help you out. 

Off Campus Access

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