This page has information and links to information related to history. See Biographical Research for history of individual people. For specific time periods, places/areas, and/or topics see left-hand side for topics.

History Introduction

This site has information and links to information related to history. See Biographical Research for history of individual people. The left-hand side tabs have individual and combined geographical areas. Geographical areas are: Africa, Asia, & the Middle East (4); European & Russia/Soviet Union (6); South America & Antarctica (3); United States of America (10+).

The guide for American/US History is on the main US topics page.

General information is found on this page.

Indexes and Abstracts   Web Sites (Browse Tables of Contents for Ejournals Owned by CSU)   Core Print Sources   CSU's History

Indexes and Abstracts

These indexes will be of use to researchers doing historical research. All of them include book reviews. (See Book Reviews for additional resources.) Make sure to evaluate what you find; scholars disagree about a great deal, and the interpretation of historical "facts" can vary greatly.

America: History & Life

Thorough abstracting service for history of the Americas from 1500 to the present.

Historical Abstracts

Thorough abstracting service for history of Europe, Asia, and Africa from 1500 to the present.


Many years coverage of full text articles (and book reviews) from major history journals. Coverage usually begins 3-5 years ago, but earlier years are full text. Select the discipline or specific journal titles of interest. (E.g. African American Studies, African Studies, Asian Studies, History, Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies, or Slavic Studies.)

Book Review Digest. CSU owns print version 1910- scattered coverage, most years available 1938- at Z1219 .C96 Ref. 

Includes excerpts from book reviews; an attempt is made to provide more than one perspective. Coverage is aimed towards scholarly and literary works, not popular ones.

Book Review Index 1965- . Z1035 .A1B7 Ref.  This multi-volume set is reasonably comprehensive.

Browse Tables of Contents for Ejournals Owned by CSU.  CSU Libraries has Browzine, a resource that allows affiliates to browse ejournals owned. Set up an account to create your own bookshelf (up to 64 titles). Now available for Web viewing, it has been available for iPad and mobile apps.

Web Sites

You can use these sites to search for general information on history, current events, and history departments around the world.

Core Print Sources

Here is a list of some of the core print sources used in studying historical topics.

American Historical Association Guide to Historical Literature. 2 vols. D20 .A44 1995 Ref. 

The standard source for scholarly literature on history topics worldwide. "The selection and listing, with appropriate commentary, of the finest and most useful books and articles available in every field of historical scholarship." Arranged topically and geographically in 48 sections.

Colorado Bibliography Z1263 .C66 Ref. 

Published in 1980, this is a thorough listing of Colorado sources.

Directory of Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the United States. CD3020 .D49 1988 Ref. 

This directory, published in 1988, provides a starting point and can be supplemented with Web sites.

Documents of American History. 2 vols. E173 .D59 1988 Ref. 

Provides text for 727 documents and also includes brief context and bibliographies.

Literature of Medieval History. 5 volumes. Z6203 .P19 1980 Suppl. Ref. 

Comprehensive guide to literature published from 1930 through 1975.

Historical Journals D10 .S74 1993 Ref. 

Includes descriptions of 700 periodicals and journals.

Oxford Classical Dictionary. DE5 .O9 1970 Ref. 

Brief articles and bibliographic references to subjects and persons in Greek and Roman history.

Sources of Information for Historical Research. D20 .S63 1994 Ref. 

An annotated listing arranged by Library of Congress call numbers.

Student’s Guide to History. D16.3 .B4 1994 Ref. 

Very useful for topics such as "how to write a history paper."

Worldmark Chronology of Nations. 4 vols. D11 .W93 1999 Ref. 

Arranged by geographical areas: Africa, Americas, Asia, and Europe. Each country has an introduction, historical overview, map, descriptive timeline, and bibliography.

CSU's History

Here are a few websites that will give you some insight into CSU's History.

Colorado State University: History and Buildings

Books arranged by broad area, then Web sites.

University Historic Photo Collection. Archives. Colorado State University Libraries. 

Thousands of digitized images. Search by keyword. Gallaries show a selection of: student life, campus buildings, athletics, extension, faculty and staff, Fort Collins scenes, experiment station, and academics.

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