Searching for One Health Information

One Health, by definition, is a multidisciplinary topic, encompassing a variety of areas of study. Interdisciplinary databases are a good starting point, while specialty databases may also be used if more information is needed.

Interdisciplinary Searching: Start Here

Before searching subject specific databases, start with Web of Science. The database indexes a wide body of content and may meet your needs.

Search Tips

  • Use AND/OR to combine your search terms. Put all the "OR" statements on one line
  • "urban nature" is a specific term that may not always be included in article titles. To capture a wide body of literature try including a variety of search terms:

"urban nature" OR "urban park*" OR "urban green space*"

("natural area" OR "natural space*") AND (city OR urban)


  • Try a variety of search terms based on your topic

Sample Search Terms

Be sure to join appropriate search terms by the word “OR”
 "urban nature" OR "urban park*" OR "urban green space*"

("natural area" OR "natural space*") AND (city OR urban)


You could try the search without specifying humans. Also try human*, people*, child*


Animal*, mammal*, wildlife, bird*, pets


ecosystem OR environment* OR biodiversity


Benefit*, “well being”, health, “mental health”, improve*

  • Try sorting by "Citations, Highest First" to see the most frequently used articles.
  • Try limiting your search to review articles if appropriate
  • Look at bibliographies of key articles to get additional citation ideas

Your search might look like this:

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