A guide to getting started with Zotero.

Get the browser connector

The easiest way to gather sources or pull sources into Zotero is by using the Zotero browser connector.

The connector works with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

The browser connector will appear in your browser menu as a small icon. This icon will change depending on what you are looking at. For example:
Zotero article icon(article)  Zotero book icon(book)  Zotero folder icon(folder; multiple sources) Zotero web icon(web page; unidentifiable source)

Make sure the Zotero software is open and running in the background before you try to use the browser connector.

Gather sources from a database

Video on gathering sources from a database using the browser connector:

Tools to Import Plain-text Citations from Documents

Already have lists of citations going in text documents? There's a way to import those into Zotero. These tools can help.

Gather sources from Google Scholar

Video on gathering sources from Google Scholar using the browser connector:

Gather sources from Primo & the web

Video on gathering sources from Primo (library catalog+) and the web using the browser connector:

Gather from Primo (another method)

With Primo you can import records into Zotero as a batch or individually. Here is how:

  1. In Primo as you find records you wish to keep, click the little thumbtack pin icon next to the record to add it to your “pinned” list.
  2. You can then export your pinned list at once by clicking the pin icon in the top right of your browser window to view your pinned list.
  3. When viewing your pinned list, select the items you want to save to your machine or click the box that lets you select them all at once.
    Initial list of saved records:    checked--all :
  4. As soon as you select items, there will appear a little “…” icon in the black bar above your records.  click on . . .
    This menu allow you to “Export.RIS”.      
    Clicking that will expose a “download” button.  select and see:

    5.  Click on the "Download" button.  You will then get a download "Primo_RIS_Export".  Click on this.  You will then be prompted to add it to your Zotero library. 

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