A guide to getting started with Zotero.

Use Zotero in Word

Before you open your word processor, ensure the Zotero software is open and running in the background.

After you have installed the plug-in into Word, you will see a Zotero menu with a row of icons in Word that looks like this:

Example of Zotero menu in Microsoft Word

Steps to Citing:

Start with an in-text citation:

  1. Place your mouse cursor where you want to insert an in-text citation.

  2. Click the "Add/Edit Citation" button in the Zotero menu in Word. This will bring up the citation search/dialog box.

  3. Start typing part of a title, author name(s), and/or a year in the citation search/dialog box.

  4. In the dropdown options that appear, select an item by clicking on it or by pressing Enter/Return when it is highlighted. (If you have already cited an item, select the one that appears under "Cited" in the dropdown menu.) The item will appear in the search box in a shaded bubble.

  5. If needed: click on the shaded bubble to show editing options for the in-text citation (add page numbers, suppress the author name, etc.). Press Enter/Return to save the edits and return to the citation search/dialog box.

  6. Press Enter/Return to insert the citation into your Word document and close the citation search/dialog box.

Add your bibliography:

Once you have at least one in-text citation, you can start your bibliography or reference list.

  1. Place your mouse cursor where you want to insert your bibliography.

  2. Click the "Add/Edit Bibliography" button in the Zotero menu in Word.

Video help for Word

Video instructions on how to cite with Zotero in Microsoft Word:


Not seeing the Zotero plug-in in Microsoft Word? Watch this video for help:

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